Rio: Covanca: Deadline exhausted that residents evacuate their homes.

It's been seven days since several families were ordered to abandon everything and flee for their homes to be occupied by criminals. What has happened to them?

By Saulo Valley - The World Observer - Rio, May 6, 2013 - GMT-3

At the end of the day hot weather gave way to cold, in Rio de Janeiro. The night seemed to raise fears, was even more daunting for families living in the region of Covanca. Until 21:00 everything seemed to have been only a mistake, and that evacuation notice could not be real ...

22:00 But the messengers of death began to go through the house to alert you that the deadline had elapsed. It is hard that a time like this, there to ask for help. Even the media can pull the innocent lives at the hands of trafficking.

But the reality has to be faced. They need to get up in the night cold and leave without looking back, to continue with life. The anguish of having to start from the scratch without any help from the state is a disturbing reality. You can not live a hard life without even remembering that the "police are for those who need" ... said the Titans in their music. This reality is reflected in the continuation of the sentence that says: "Police to ... Who needs the police?"

Anyway it's time to raise the tents and remove even without a car or truck changes what is possible. The head still echoes the last sentence spoken by traffickers, "Lost, Put your foot!"

In such times of solitude and complete absence of the state, dating life is the only good that can have. Take with their families, even more ...

Now the question is, how will the authorities to return the property to families in the near future or distant If the police are the most corrupt in modern times, waiting to see whether they are violent traffickers. Maim, esquartejam, they shoot and execute people without the slightest guilt, just wishing. What is needed for residents of Covanca regain dignity?


Last Warning:

By Saulo Valley - The Watcher World Rio April 25, 2013 - 17:09 GMT-3

More residents of the community in the studied Covanca threatened that they have one week to lose all that took years to build, while the police can do nothing to protect their lives or their assets. A situation that the authorities have no explanation to give.

   Nigeria, Kenya and Mali is well. But in the Marvelous City, should not be! While police parade through the streets, armed militia and bandits take turns voracious disputes for control of drug trafficking in the region. And at each new time, a new group takes over the territory that was once dominated by another criminal group, or sometimes the police.

   The 18th Military Police Battalion is located on Highway 435 Pau Ferro, in the region of Pau Ferro in the studied area. Responsible for policing the area, but can do little to control violence within the community. Like other areas even regarded as "pacified" the police do not have access outspoken in the community and is limited to entries occupy the hills, while organized crime lives within communities.

   On 12 April this year, a new invasion attempt resulted in a night of shootings while trapped residents feared for their lives, changed the night that would rest the nightmare of fear of a stray bullet or the invasion of homes by Villains. At the time at least 16 families were evicted from their homes and spent the holy week in the courtyard of the 41 Precinct, police station in Civil tank.

   According to residents, each new group that takes control of the site seems to need to demonstrate their power, submitting sites to humiliation, spanking free, confiscate personal belongings and even take lives to impose terror and secure domain.

   Record TV was on Wednesday in the town and published a short matter denouncing the situation of the residents, who are losing their property and estate to empty the place where they are established new outposts of the group that is certainly the new "host community".

   Residents who disobey the order to evacuate are subject to pay with their lives. Entire families are decimated to each new change of command area, which in addition has a high dense woods on the back side that makes the strategic location and safer for those waiting for constant invasions.

 The forest becomes the "back door" to the community that the occupants can escape still alive. But residents of the community does not have the same luck. They are distressed. Worked hard. Paid with sweat and blood to buy the property where they settled and raised their children .. But today, if not leave everything and go with the clothes, can pay with the lives of everyone they love.

   The weirdest advice was given by "security expert" Cavalcante Vinícus in an interview to Rede Record TV:

"Residents need to continue to denounce the actions of criminals in the community" Vinicius Cavalcante was quoted as saying the Record.

   The police already know. Residents have complained, have cried because espernearam and 10 of them have died and no one did anything, why? Eyewitnesses said that the latest revelations made to the hotline complaints was discovered by the bandits, broken and cut into pieces. The bandits are willing to face and on the 19th of January this year two policemen were wounded in clash with drug traffickers in the region. The Record said before the attempted occupation on the 12th, the community was controlled by traffickers community Chamberlain, in Meier. In order: In Covanca climate is war. The extent to which crime will continue removing everything that people have more important while the authorities do little about it?


Nigéria: Bomba mata pelo menos 25 cristãos mas pode ter chegado a 60 - Dezenas de feridos

Kano - Google Map
   Atentado terrorista pode ter matado 60 pessoas, mas não há confirmação do número exato ainda. Por certo há 25 vítimas fatais da explosão que atingiu um ônibus de luxo lotado quando os passageiros embarcaram.

Por Saulo Valley - O Observador do Mundo - Rio, 19 de Maço de 2013 - 00:13 GMT-3

   Uma bomba explodiu há poucas horas num estacionamento no bairro Sabongari, na cidade de Kano localizado no Sul do estado de Kano, no Norte da Nigéria. A explosão aconteceu no momento em que um ônibus de luxo lotado iria se deslocar. Mídias locais afirmam que havia pelo menos 200 passageiros no interior do ônibus na hora da explosão, mas como o atentado acabou de acontecer, não há muita certeza sobre as informações e o número de mortos tem variado de 25 a 60, porque as vítimas foram levadas para vários hospitais diferentes. CONTINUE LENDO

Stop the killings in Syria - Song: Kill My Body +18

وقف أعمال القتل في سوريا - الأغنية: اقتل جسدي (الإنجليزية) من قبل وادي ساولو
Against the repression and killings in Syria

Mike Arab depoiment:

أغنية:أقتلوا جسدي.. أوقفوا القتل في سوريا من صديقي ساولو فالي
شكراً لك أيها الحر ... شكراً لجميع الذين وقفوا مع شعبنا الجريح بالكلمة الحرة والأغنية المعبرة في كل أنحاء العالم .. شكراً للمخلصين
The very awesome song: Kill my body, stop the killing in Syria by my friend Saulo Valley
Thank you O free brother.. Thanks for all who supported our wounded people by the free word and by the expressive song, all over the world .. Thanks for all the loyal people

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Kill my body.
Let me on the floor,
Somehow, I am steel alive.

Take my money.
Destroy my dress,
Somehow I am steel right here.

Therefore, my heart will never die.
My mind should be, always continue fine.

That is right, I know
You will be trying.
My God be came to
Guard me.

You are bad.
Your eyes, they are burning.
Unknown do you do not touch me.

Only a man,
And more strong that an evil,
Cause I have the blood's Jesus.

I am shore you are not anybody.
Have a heart ugly and dark inside.

*soundtrack used with permission.


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