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The country which follows in a terrible battle for maintenance of the system of the beloved Al-Assad on one side and by the end of the oppressive regime of Al-Assad on the other. It seems to be divided.  Yes.  The one hand the Syrian government. On the other hand the Syrian people.

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 22, 2011 - 18:42.

With the explosion of advertising their atrocities on the web, Al-Assad has invested a lot until they released the "implementation of reforms" towards democracy. The Syrian government then created a virtual host her own group called "Army Syrian-mail" (Syriana Army-mail) that acts in parallel as a group "Eros Battalion."

The group of mostly young and searching the information revolution and international authorities following comments with the intent to punish each person according to their demonstration against Al-Assad.

A democracy that does not allow the opposition and who already have young that time to respond:

"We saw the Syrian attack, electronic media, and the ferocious attack on our beloved country Syria, decided to respond violently"

 This group claimed responsibility for the attack on the British government websites "Okehampton" and the site of the "City of Patchway" having destroyed the database in response to warnings to immediately stop the massacre of civilians, which they described as a "response to the way racist dealing with the internal affairs of Syria. "

In addition to the British Web site, assume they have attacked at least 15 government sites in Turkey and the latest attack, which was known to the mainstream media, the attack on the hacker group "anonimous" in response to their attacks on the website of the Ministry of Defence Syria.

In all these attacks on government websites, it is believed that the goal (based on what was presented by the group) has been the attack on the database client newsletters.

In twitter, still working with several profiles, including the "@syriansoldier1" @halamahfoud and the "@HassanFSY."

Its activities consist of Twitter confusing information disclosed in the media or distort the information coming out of Syria to the outside. They also create alerts when events occur, describing details and location of the street where they occur. Anyway they work against the tide of international information and fight the revolution in Syria.

Today, a video that was released in the morning as a protester being gunned down by security forces hours later he was released by Syrian sites as a civilian who was attacked by terrorists.
So they seek to change the information that is disclosed, erasing the original logo which appears in the video and applying the right of Syria on it as a complaint made by them.

They support their attacks on Israel and follow all the major international news sources and Syrian to then refute them up with insults and violent threats, and distort them. This activity is described as a hacker in the middle "defacements". Destroy or disrupt all visually attack.

So the Syrian regime continues on the web that actually does in real life and tries to disguise with the flimsy packaging and soothing voice of Al-Assad.

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