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Diplomatic sources reported to Reuters that the European Union stressed that the sanctions imposed on Syria focused mainly on its president, Bashar al-Assad, will take place on Monday. The goal is to increase the pressure on the regime for the carnage committed against demonstrators should be closed.

Source: Reuters Arabic
By Saulo Valley Rio de Janeiro, May 23, 2011 - 06:52.

Agreement between the Foreign Ministers of EU member states, during a meeting held in Brussels, whose objective was to discuss the addition of several Syrian officials, including President Bashar al-Assad, a comprehensive list of restrictions imposed by the European Union , the travel and freeze assets.
According to the source, technically there is a strong acceptance of this procedure, noting that the Foreign Ministers will meet again on Monday 23-05 days.

07:10 - Scenario

Cham News Network: In Horan: "Every day the bodies of the martyrs are still veiled by the cities and towns in Horan in large numbers so far.Reached about 300 bodies of the martyrs who were arrested in front of their parents or have lost contact to try to break the siege of Dara ... The numbers of missing only in Horam scare: About a thousand missing that no one knows the destination or were not arrested. Many parents expect to hear from their children when they released a slew of case (alive or dead) but after exposure to mass graves became convinced that a large number of martyrs in the house Horan exceed one thousand, since the beginning of the siege on the shield, and the rest of the villages and cities ... "the agency said.

Yesterday they released a map of Syria with the data from the events of last Friday.
"The map shows the location of protests around the Syrian Friday, May 20, nicknamed" Azadi Friday. "Azadi means freedom in Kurdish. The map also includes (preliminary) numbers of protesters killed in different cities (the actual number was confirmed as being much larger) and the use of tanks and ammunition.Information was collected by a network of human rights activists in Syria. "Damascusbureau".

 Kindergarten students demonstrate their desire for freedom from oppressive system of Assad. On Site DamascusBureau, "the story of a girl of six years in search of his father, missing for weeks ...
  How a government can be so cruel? What makes a "human being" to reach a similar limitation of collective atrocity?

More than a thousand deads and nearly ten thousand missing and imprisoned for a stable and powerful government that was unable to talk to his own people on social, political and economic ....

Although the site "DamascoBereau" a description of  how the Assad government has oppressed even clerics in the country:

 "And they have also mobilized the clerics. It does not seem strange to hear what some of these religious figures have to say, especially when you know they never open their mouths without prior approval of the security apparatus.
 For over 40 years, the autocratic regime has worked worked in the formulation of a religious body which is totally loyal to him.At the same time, mashing any attempt to deviate from this path with an iron fist. The scheme that destroyed entire towns on its inhabitants only to demonstrate their dominance and to force the religious rhetoric to consist of nothing but praise for the regime itself. "

Noting that Syria has begun to face international isolation since 2005, with the death of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. This suspicion largely diverted to Damascus by several governments have continued support for popular local politicians and activists.

14h21 Network SNN : The story of Ahmad El-Masri: 
"The short man in the city suffered from several diseases, mental retardation had been Imprisoned for ten days, but no one knew his fate. 
Today came the body brought on by a small group of bodyguards. They were missing several members of his body ... 
Ahmed could not be buried as his family did not sign a statement that the guerrillas had killed his son. 
Today was buried in the third hour and a half.

14:37 Osama Ahmed Chisnp The hero was killed in cold blood outside his house for refusing to give the location of his father, Sheikh Ahmed Chisnp. 

In a risky and desperate attempt to take food and medicine (which is forbidden and the punishment is execution ) to the besieged city of Horam, the hero martyr Abu Ahmed Moussa Guerilla Alotfori - Palestine - has become one of the most important of which were carrying food and medicines to save people during the siege and invasion, is one of the bravest men in all statements of Horan. Everyone loved him ... Source: "Sham SNN . 

The updates continue ... now: 

The European Union announced the anticipated sanctions against Syria, several officials and the person of the president of the republic; 

( Reuters )

* European Sanctions :
- EU foreign ministers agreed at a meeting in Brussels to add Assad and around a dozen other senior government officials to the list of banned from traveling to the EU and subject to freezing.
- The European Union listed 13 Syrian officials on the sanctions list on May 17, including a brother of Assad.
- The measures, including freezing assets and travel bans are part of a package of sanctions including an arms embargo.
- Included in the sanctions was Rami Makhlouf, a cousin of Assad, owner of Syria's largest mobile operator (Syriatel) and several large companies in construction and oil.
- The list also includes the president's brother, Maher al-Assad, who commands the Republican Guard and Syria is the second most powerful man in Syria.
- Also affected was Ali Mamlouk, head of General Intelligence and Adulfattah Qudsiyeh, who heads military intelligence.
- The same day, Switzerland announced it would impose travel bans on 13 Syrian officials and freeze any assets in Swiss banks.
- Roland Vock, bureau chief of sanctions, the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), said that Swiss banks would have to check that has assets in any one of 13 officials and state government. - The measures also include an arms embargo, although Switzerland does not export all the weapons to Syria, at least the past 10 years, SECO said. 
* U.S. sanctions:
- The United States imposed sanctions on Syria's intelligence agency and two relatives of President Bashar al-Assad on April 29 in Washington the first concrete steps in response to the bloody crackdown on protests.
- The sanctions, including freezing assets and a ban on U.S. trade relations, built on broader measures of the U.S. against Syria in place since 2004.
- The U.S. Treasury Department said it would freeze the assets owned by Syrian officials that fell within the jurisdiction of the U.S., and U.S. individuals and firms to stop dealing with them.
- On May 18, the U.S. added to the sanctions to press Assad promised political reforms to be undertaken.
- Syrian President, Vice-Prime Ministers of Interior and Minister of Defense, the military intelligence chief and director of branch security policy are also affected by these sanctions.
Source: theNational
Because of the increasing numbers of massacres, the group of 27 decided by penalties "in the strongest terms against the ongoing repression in Syria and unacceptable violence" against peaceful protesters.

It was reported byAFP that the EU has set a timetable for reforms to be undertaken, as the only means to a peaceful transition and restore stability to the Middle East in the long term. 
"Repression continues in Syria," said British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, entering the conversation. 
"It's important to see the right to peaceful protest, release of political prisoners and taking the road of reform, not repression in Syria in the coming days."
A diplomat told AFP: 

"... The sanctions aimed at forcing Assad to pursue the reforms and not force him to resign." 


The expansive effect of sanctions has reached Libya and Iran, according to AFP, the European Union decided to change their attitudes and more closely monitor the revolutions in the Arab world, including deepening the look on Egypt and Tunisia.

"As for Iran, the ministers agreed to add nearly 100 companies to a blacklist of companies affected by an asset freeze on Tehran's nuclear program, diplomats said."
These pressures aimed at the pursuit of dialogue and negotiations surrounding the suspension of nuclear activities by Iran. 

According to the source yet, the EU has increased pressure on Muammar Gaddafi and earmarked more support for the revolution based in the eastern city of Benghazi. 

Were also frozen the assets and travel prohibited from supporters of Gaddafi and businesses suspected of sustaining the regime. The news came one day after the UN to establish an office in Benghazi, he said. 

The NTC has also been recognized as the official interlocutor of Libya, after many requests by the European parliament. 

The site Azerbaijan " Trend "said: 

Details of sanctions - including the names of subsidiaries NOC to suffer - are expected to be published on Thursday in the official journal of the EU - effectively marking its entry into force.
The block now has the travel bans on 21 members of the regime in Tripoli, including its leader Muammar Gaddafi and his family, while assets of 15 companies and 10 people - including Gaddafi - have been frozen.
The updates continues ...

What exactly happens behind the scenes of the now beleaguered Syrian cities you follow in the next publication until 19:00 hours from Sao Paulo.


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