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Scenario: I woke up and saw the sun rising. A morning of blue skies and reasonable temperatures. When you hear the birds singing and wanted to open our arms deep breath ... A wind from the north made ​​me feel a brief chill. A distant cry for help reached my ears from far away. Ah Syria ... 

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By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, May 26, 2011 - 08:54.

Murmurs: Weak Voices calling for help form a great choir gagged. A collective cry that can be felt more than heard. A groan of a great and fragile nation. A people who sighs his poor breath of life, and that there is help him.

Bodies crushed by hatred and insanity of a single man who seeks to protect its own commercial interests and who feels threatened by the rights of free expression and communication between people.

Feels threatened by the existence of a country that had been there for more than four thousand years ... Now he will annihilate them!

"They have no right at this point, demand freedom and democracy. Will be destroyed and scrutinized one by one! How dare they spoil all that my father spent years building?" - He thought. 
"Worse than the counter to international opinion, is to break the agreement with Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Iran, Palestine, China and Russia! They will finish me off! This is not going out cheap!" Decided the dictator.
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  Like the great serpent angry, he left to pursue the nation. Flee all that are in cities, towns and villages, houses and mosques, in the fields and mountains, deserts and plantations, as the eater came with great hatred to destroy all who opposed their dark empire of blood! 

He will sweep the earth in search of survivors and not let her escape the devastating fury! 

Is there no power on Earth that make it stop? 

The lion is a great big lie. He's just a dragon. A reptile who came from the earth.The darker place, wet and dirty in the universe, and brought the spirit of human carnage. 

He has goat's horns on his head. Their hair is roots of dead trees and their eyes are crocodile. His face is disfigured mouth and nose shark horned rhinoceros. 

He has arms and legs of a lizard ass. His chest is hollow and waiver protection.Out of his abdomen with sharp claws and arms bathed in blood. 

It feeds on the blood of people with pure hearts. During the day he takes refuge in the high places and among the powerful, but its interior is the mud baths. The sewage is your house at night. Sulphur, feces and rotting meat make up the smell. He sleeps in a bed of corpses. Of rotting human flesh is his bed. 

His mouth exhales words that hypnotize and deceive those who are affected by them. But after they are attracted beheaded and quartered. His eyes are gouged out and his bowels are opened and left exposed to air. Woe to those who fall into their traps! They will be brought to his cave in the depths of hell and be tortured by his demons and faithful servants! 

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His worshipers: They are leaving the world in search of new victims to feed the thirst for blood and human flesh of your lord! They are monsters that had once been human but was left overwhelmed by greed and traded in their hearts that never obtain the wealth! 

They ripped their hearts chest and they sacrificed to the great serpent as proof of loyalty. They surround the cities and spread terror. The world becomes darkened when they arrive. 
Heavy clouds cover the sky darkens and the earth to the sound of his chariots.The air is damp and a mist descends on the place where they step. 

There are those who escape the devastating power of the army of darkness! He will come to take revenge on those who do not kneel before the terrible dragon of Syria! 

The World: The nations fear rescue the innocent who fall into their traps, but at the right time, all will be destroyed! No matter where you are! He sided with the demons from across Asia. All the worst creatures are organizing to take over the world and build the perfect home for the big dragon, you no longer need back to the underworld, but dominate the land and devour all that innocent to achieve! The world will never again be the same when the dragon complete their project of dominating the world and build your house on the highest mountain on earth! 

Heroes and Martyrs: Even though no one for help, a sense of justice stems from the chest all the people massacred. A brilliant white light that can not be overshadowed by the pain comes from the heart of this people. They join forces and be like a little flower. 

It will bloom in the desert. Where there is none to drizzle. Will live in tiny drops of dew and shade of each grain of sand. Find forces to multiply during the heavy dust storms. Deepen its roots in the rocks. Grow and expand the city walls and cover the nation. It will protect people against the terrible cold of winter and the highest temperature of the sun. She will grow up the dark clouds of evil and its trunk stand the ax. It will multiply faster than you can prune it and nobody can estingui it. 

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It will build strong branches that imprison their enemies by force of its branches. It will end 
the era of darkness and tie so that the dragon can not move, or move any of his arms. 

Your soldiers will be met by their roots and they can not prevent it from spreading. 
She will suffocate your opponent by the scent of the petals and their leaves provide a cure for all the wounded and restore their bodies mutilated. She restore peace to their kingdom and that the fields will bloom again. Their roots reach deep underground rivers and clean water will spring up that will run into the rivers, they will overflow and all the blood of the earth will be washed! 

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Be glad your hearts are people, for salvation is on the way and be no more weeping and wailing in their faces! 

Gather all around their stems and grow for the world to applaud the bravery of Jasmine oh precious wilderness that will forever be calling for revolution! 

Original text written by Saulo Valley 
on May 26, 2011 the 08:54 
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