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The loss of appointment to the Human Rights Council in the last 20 days, Syria has become even more angry with the outbreaks. Under pressure from international media, and the United States' own allies, Syria is going to sink as it seeks to enforce a kind of "market success" window dressing, which can not maintain credible nor for 24 hours.

Source: / cairo

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, May 22, 2011 - 07:55.

The crisis in Syria has brought allies to the media. Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Libya, and not to mention Russia and China who are observing everything closely, but deep down are terrified of this whole revolution of popular Arab human rights.

No matter what the political front that led these movements, the struggle for freedom and the attractive opportunities offered by the practice of Universal Human Rights, make these revolutions without a way back to whatever the regime in any Arab country or not.

Nobody could imagine that Syria would be the "heart" of the Eastern world. This mainstay seemingly unstoppably powerful and stable now reveals an ancient and deep cavity behind his fragile porcelain covers ...


The people discovered that you no longer need a pop icon to fight in his defense. No more of a "martyr." They are all martyrs, and all will fight to make their rights and the rights of their children and descendants are guaranteed!

For example: Instead of accepting laws that condemn to death or stoning, they will want to hang the instigator of these orders, which do not fall under international law. And nobody on the planet wants to undergo more procedures that are not subject to universal laws.

This quote is just a small example of what happens in the mind of the Arab people! They do not want to live alienated from their rights.

While the Syrian government seeks the status of a country that respects, complies with and enforces the universal rights, keeps people locked into neighborhoods and towns under siege, in secret prisons in the desert and in remote villages where the people are beaten, tortured, mutilated and killed.

Since their bodies are returned to their families, they can not get neither the right to a funeral, without violent bursts of antiaircraft guns tithe at least those carrying the bodies of martyrs, or those who cry aloud for justice and rights similarity with the rest of the world.

There is no terrorism. There are enemy number one of humanity but to their own political leaders. If this category does not undergo a revolution heavy within a short time the world is not enough for them.

Source: samizdat

Humanity today is merely a platform to enrich longer live a life worthy to live in the underworld. Huddled in the middle of the sewage that leaks from the private government buildings, the people will no longer have rights not to be to live as wretched and stinking rat!

Kept at safe distances for many millennia of cultural isolation, financial and technological, the people were deceived and "sedated" by false stories he learned in school about heroism and patriotism.

Brainwashed that blended the mystical tales of snow white Europeans, and the Cinderella among other things, the films that pervaded the TVs and cinemas.

Today this reality is changing ...

Failure of multiple administrative bodies to enrich themselves and family! From now on, the world will not be the same and question!

That's right, no matter what the source, the origin of the law, information, or decree! All will be questioned and if it is not fair for people living in the horizontal plane in the world, is not received, swallowed, absorbed or embraced by anyone else!

Now people want to negotiate. Want to participate in making decisions. Want to administer and count your own money and pay civil servants according to the merit of each!

Source: aqurette
No. The people do not deserve help from governments. The people are the owner of the world and the governments work for it! Or did someone forget that?

Then they will be removed and the Tiricias Assads, the palloc, the Gaddafi, the Mubaraks, the Obamas and the Bushes.


If you do not want to be deprived, run to look after the rights of its people!


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