Posted by : Saulo Valley August 01, 2011

A letter to Al-Assad. Updates 12-05-11 Saulo Valley

Grenades and bullets from machine guns and rifles from long range are heard everywhere and Homs. The multiplication of snipers on rooftops and false reporting of armed rebels in the crowd, killing soldiers of the army. Everyone knows that all the soldiers who refuse to kill protesters were shot, run away! 

The promise that this week you crush the demonstrations made you run to silence the people: But how do you want to silence a people with no food, no water, no electricity and no means of communication, suffering barbaric tortures, seeing your kids running, their houses invaded and confiscated their values, their rights (they do) CRUSHED by abuse their power?

How poor villagers citizens who seek greater democracy and freedom of expression will be silenced while the eyes of their countrymen are uprooted, their heads are blown up by snipers, their temples are bombarded by army tanks and their prayers hindered?

Silencing a country with a military barrier, blocking their cities, neighborhoods and villages?You need to run across Syria to stop her! But before you decide to crush Syria, you will have overthrown their own regime through their violent impulse. Through his bouts of anger and lack of capacity to govern a country. The weight of a culture with more than 4 thousand years could not stand on the shoulders of a naive executioner!
You shame the entire history of its people and seems to erase the traces of this rich past.A word of advice: Learn to deal with the rights of people to learn how to govern a country! 

Atualizations - 12-05-11 - Source: Syrian Revolutian and Human Rights Ativists.
Video: On Call snipers running carte blanche to kill. Follow the desperation of people trying to remove bodies from the street as they protect the shooters from the government.

14.00 Call: Horan: URGENT: Gunfire continues in since yesterday and today in AngelJassim and Tigre.

The electricity supply is interrupted indefinitely and communications do not work foralmost 1 month.

Today is the second day of invasion in these regions and the use of snipers has beendone ostensibly. It was reported that at least seven people were executed by snipers.

14:55 Dara: Lemba that people's bodies were being kept in refrigerated cars becausethe government did not allow people to be buried?

This video was recorded yesterday in Dara:

16h50min First video from Banyas: I don't know what to say...

What you will say to the world? Please, do something!

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