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On Friday they decided to "do not bend." They went to the mosque to say prayers and then start their protests against the autocratic dictatorship in the country. Knowing that after the prayers the faithful would begin a march, the army parked a tank pointing to the exit of the Ali bin Ali Talib mosque in the city core. On the wall, following the contour of the arch, the soldiers wrote:

"Bow to the people to decide whether to give or not. If you are going to kneel or not."

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 13, 2011 - 07:38.

The video below was purchased by the news network for 15 thousand Alarabya that shows how the security forces have acquired weapons and set a house in Hama to accuse the population.

According to the AFP at least 16 people were killed in yesterday, but in Hama, a doctor who divides his time with the human rights activist reported that the number killed in Hama has blinded the 1000 and expected to double when the count is completed.

As a way of preventing the demonstrations, the army has gone in search of the origins intimidate any form of concentration. In this Friday, "We will not kneel," all mosques were surrounded and attacked the protests. In Deir Azour one mosque was burned and the faithful were pressured to leave the temple by tanks and soldiers seeking to disperse them. Once concentrated in other areas, new shootings have started to silence the Syrian people, who are definitely willing to withdraw Bashar Al-Assad in power, whatever the cost!

Far away from mosques, walk the neighborhoods with more soldiers than residents. Hama is the case this morning:

The newspaper The New York Times talks about the recent statements of support from Iraq to Syria. This approach comes from a pact of cooperation and peace between Iran and Iraq, motivated by the support that Assad has given the residence of Prime Minister al-Maliki in power for a second term, still in investments that Syria has done in the country.

Still, the site said this week the president of the Iraqi parliament Osama al-Najafi, a Sunni, warned the Assad government to suppress the liberties of the Syrian people describing it as "unacceptable" use of violence to prevent protests.

Since the RTE website, respectable Russian agency, said Hillary Clinton "urged all countries to cut their political and economic ties with Syria."

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