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The Security Council of the United Nations has done a lot of meetings with Council members to study a way to stop the persistent collective massacres of civilians by military forces and mercenaries hired by the Syrian government. In its latest effort to appeal to the diplomacy, the council sent a range of ambassadors and ministers of foreign affairs for talks with Assad in order to try to understand what really happens in the country and seek an end to bloodshed.

Incident recorded on July 3 this year.

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 12, 2011 - 08:27.

The council has invested heavily in diplomatic relations for the situation in the country does not end in bloodshed even higher, despite the massacres and daily show is still growing, with reports ranging on average from 30 to over 100 children, women, students and workers killed per day.

The number of arbitrary arrests exceed the average number of 100 and there are days that reach 600. Most are released unharmed. Many others are released after torture in which they appear heavy with deep marks of mutilation. Many dead are returned to their families, with burn marks, bullets, mutilations, beatings, tortures, beheaded, and even missing pieces to the internal organs.

In response to the attempt at dialogue of the United Nations, Bashar Al-Assad gave impetus to diplomats before the massacre while talking softly keeps displaying a facial expression of a fully consolidated with the concern of the world.

What Dr. Bashar Ja'afari described as "hypocrisy" in the last informal press conference of the Security Council released the following video:

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He described the situation with the following words: "They try to manipulate the truth to hide the important facts about elements of the situation occurring in Syria."

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He accuses the armed gangs, thugs and terrorist groups and reports the death of 500 soldiers and police and security forces.

Scenes of vandalism:

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The questions we wanted to do but we know that there are no answers:

  1. If the country has suffered bitter violence generated by bandits and terrorists, because the only international aid is that it accepts from Iran? 
  2. Because he refuses help from neighboring countries, limits the access of ambassadors to the neighborhoods affected by the alleged terrorist violence, refusing international aid, access to the Red Cross and Red Crescent, UHNCR and news agencies accredited internationally?

Brazilian solution

On the day that organized crime has decided to occupy the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil agreed to the collaboration of the FBI and Swatter to train the security and intelligence teams and the bandits were killed, jailed or deported. Just visit a location where the UPP are installed to verify the change.

The force of the revolution

The Syrian protests began on 15 March this year, was scored when a group of at least 10 children and adolescents was arrested by the Secret Service and tortured to confess who had said that "people want to overthrow the regime", which had been spray-painted on a wall for them in Damascus.

After the tortures the Syrian government began their search of activists and opposition politicians on charges of "conspiracy". They were angry about the mistreatment of children and the arrests of 40 people who opposed the regime that was oppressing the people in their 48 years. Starting with "state of emergency" which opened about the same time that the new government took office.

On the same day that the state of emergency was lifted to initiate the massacre in the town of Dara where two mass graves were found with about 20 meters. 220 civilians killed in one day.

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