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The sources are many and have multiplied since the number of civilians seeking to flee the destruction of calling for an end of genocide Syrian. Counting the dead is becoming increasingly impossible. Dozens and sometimes hundreds of them, are buried everywhere in towns isolated by blocking the military, where even the cemeteries, hospitals have not been accessible.

Statements Today there early evening them Homs
Cortesy -  abukasham1993 

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 11, 2011 - 18:55.

While Assad ignored international warnings and even the subtleties of diplomacy, their tanks tearing the Syrian soil in search of protesters, as a devouring dragon. In response to the abnormal flow of diplomats to their country, Bashar Al-Assad warned that " not going to go after terrorists . "

In the regime declared war, the rebels have warned that there is no dialogue and not bow to the system. The Revolution of Syria presented a series of reports on this day throughout Syria. But the CCLS (Local Committees for Coordination of Syria ) described most of the deaths and injuries.

The revolution in Syria also presented the evening of Thursday a list of 61 names of prisoners today. They include doctors, lawyers and other intellectuals.

One Child Dead Today in Homs - courtesy:Syria2011freee 

But the days have been even more difficult after the world decided to press Assad. Arab news agencies say a new set of pressures and sanctions are to be presented these days. This time the Security Council of the United Nations will get better results.


A hacker attack attributed to the more dangerous and known group of attackers in the world that works with the moniker "Anonymous" had invaded the social network Facebook. The attack lasted about 12 hours. Just when it started a tidal wave of media surrounding the announcement that Facebook would destroy the group by 05 November this year. Information that has been denied (in part) by the news site " Earth . "

According to user information, including the present writer, several links no longer work, and functions of the chat rooms, and posts written in the "walls".

Yet been reported by other users lock and opening accounts. Modification of dates and logos.

According to sources, the attacks are linked to the revolution in Syria and Libya, when the invaders sought to remove information from users. (I realized I was losing control of the site, did the "logout" and then "login" with another browser, I changed the password and changed the security settings to only allow access from my computer, citing the name of my machine .)

I could not confirm the information that was passed many pages of revolutions had their titles made opaque.


In the confusion of the day was still possible to notice the presence of whom the Syrian government calling attention to themselves in the world seeking to convince the world press that the deaths are not true and that there are no protests. This is the case of a certain "history professor" in the last three months has sought to become clearly the center of world attention. I was personally on his Facebook page and found just friends pro-Assad, Gaddafi pro-and pro-Mubbarak. I asked him to explain his vision, but decided to wait for response after the large number of explicit information on their "wall."

Unfortunately, his arguments were weak and liars published by the respected Brazilian institution, the "National Endowment for the Democratization of Communication . " The adventurer who do not want to mention the name does not favor it said Syria had crossed freely during the months of June and found nothing
abnormal. Just a few little groups fighting among themselves ... Calling in other words, the revolution of a "big production". Addressing the thousands of Syrians who are dying and being imprisoned, tortured, crushed and squeezed by an iron hand of the Syrian regime.

He has attacked the respected agency "AFP" along with "the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights," seeking to discredit his quotes, ratings and information. These attacks clearly betray their origins, showing how a deal with corruption in the Arab world it is. To be sure, just search your name on facebook, but you will need to find following this link lie , because I refuse to mention this name in my posts.

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