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Friday 09/12/2011, the Moroccan authorities reported the death of Muhammed Suleiman street vendor Rushd hospital in Casablanca, having burned his own body to protest the heavy police oppression.
Movimento de 20 de Fevereiro - Marrocos - 20 حركة فبراير

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, December 10, 2011 - 14:23.

The Arab world has been at the limit of endurance, with respect to heavy repression that you receive from your government. Execute arbitrary laws and almost no convictions that the accused has the right to defense.
The example of Tunisia in January a street vendor had their goods taken by the security forces have seen no alternative to support her four children and wife. burned his body in front of the courthouse to protest the abuse of power and lack of government investment in economic leveling of the population.

Yesterday, the Moroccan authorities reported the death of Muhammed Suleiman street vendor Rushd hospital in Casablanca, having burned his own body to protest the heavy police oppression.

According to the "February 20 Movement", which represents the popular revolution of Morocco, the boy was selling smuggled gasoline (a common activity in the country), and he was pressured by police who threatened to take his goods if they pay a small "rate".

Another reference is the website "lakome" who said the boy found himself depressed and angry, threw gasoline on his body while arguing with police who threatened to confiscate petrol prohibited until fired.According to sources the young man died on Friday 09 December because of injuries, despite receiving medical attention, could not resist.

"Not to forget our martyrs: the tomb of a martyr of the
Kamal al-Hassani, 20 de fevereiro"
National crisis

According to the February 20th Movement, a grassroots movement of opposition to the current Moroccan regime, even after the last elections, which were also considered "a success", this is already the 7th incident in the country. All these desperate people, their bodies incinerated after not finding any more support in law or in society, or to consider that, through the police force, no one would care to hear their problems.

The average suicide has been between 20 and 32 years. Among these, there is a young, 20. While the population seeks to draw the attention of authorities for their needs, only the rich life and improve more and more people are living without rights. A crisis worsens and the apparent efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Moroccan people has not been sufficiently implemented, is what describes the "February 20 Movement." According to testimony from members of the movement, most of the suicides came as a result of heavy police repression and abuse of authority. There are cases like Kamal Amri, who was killed by the system, so that seemed to suicide by fire.

The list of martyrs courtesy Ratoune Mourad political activist of Moroccan popular organization "Youth Movement February 20":
Deaths by suicide

  1. Nabil Jaffar, 19
  2. Judge Emad, 18
  3. Bnkaddor horse, 25
  4. Salmi beauty, 24
  5. Samir Albuazawa, 17
  6. Fadwa Laroui, 20
  7. Shayeb Karim, 21
  8. Kamal Al-Amari, 30

Killings by security forces.
  1. Alknona Hamid, 26
  2. Mohammed Bodroh
  3. Kamal al-Hassani, 28

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