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One complaint: The rebels who beg to be distributed this information as the traditional media do not have access to the country. They have difficulty in terms of language. Many just write in Arabic and / or lack the resources for the spread of writing. They merely facebooks pages or twitters with less than 2000 followers (most viewed). An insignificant amount to trigger an international reaction against the massacre of civilians in the country and autocratic regime.

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, May 30, 2011 - 07:05.

Since when I was willing to serve them have been targets of google itself, which with its algorithm "Panda", which interprets the transcribed text of a page in Arabic into English or Portuguese are stolen and that I make use of dishonest practices to divert traffic from real writers. If so they do not write me, I do not send out the text and I would not send them to the published version on my blogs to be used freely!

In all or many of my posts, even the Syrians have made comments, compliments and thanks. It is cowardice that over 1,700 daily readers of my blog from being stolen and diverted to paying for ads sites. It is unfortunate that. But I will not give up. If the Syrians are taking that shot in the head do not give up, I will not give up too!

I'm sure it got to be punished when I joined the Syrians last week to denounce the killing of children in the country. Since then, my audience has come to zero!

What world is this?

This algorithm seems to be programmed to favor dictatorship. An "ass" that fails to differentiate the use of stolen texts for the use of text with permission of the authors! We are a community and share the information, all you need is not one such intervention.

What guarantee is that this system is honest and impartial? Who guarantees that the audience is not diverted to support the agencies that pay for and can not produce quality text?

"In the Facebook pages of the Revolution in Syria, near the bottom, they authorize the reproduction of texts, and use of video and photos freely, provided that the authors are kept informed by and links"

Never done it differently, in fact, today Brazil has only access to these pages because I have circulated the address and have asked that those who can spread the information, including my blog.

Everything is a matter of saving lives and this system seems to be part of the Assad regime, or Gaddafi, who punishes those who act honestly in favor of human life! This is the second time that my blog is suffering punishment for re-publish some or all of the authorized texts.

In March my audience was diverted by 80% and my posts were forbidden from appearing in searches. A cowardice against children, women, youth, seniors and the nations that seek to protect!

It's me who goes through the mornings in search of events that the media does not have access to and distribute many of the major agencies. I have written even to the White House, New York Times, CNN and Reuters for help. Sending links or addresses of the posts!

This is why the West is now more informed. But I do not want to quit! In the Arab world, revolutions are not behind copyright, are behind the right of free agency, and WANTS that atrocities are exposed, but google insists on blocking such important work as the UN! Because if anyone knows what happens, nobody can do anything!

I will denounce Google along with the massacres of civilians wherever they occur and do not stop blocking me I will be combine to other servers for search and other alternative blogs!

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