Posted by : Middle East Daily Filho December 16, 2011

The deaths continue at an increasing rate as it is expected that on Friday the Arab League to make a decision that serves the people of Syria, and not only the Syrian regime. While the United Nations are still studying the draft resolution prepared by Syria against Russia. HRW published report crimes against humanity from Syria to the ICC.
Today the sixth day of prayers and mosques surrounded dawned
by Shabihas, Soldiers and army tanks. "Snapshot"

People are impatient. Alassad is collected while Syrian troops move through the country in huge convoys to be sieged cities or in small patrols to prevent protests.

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, December 16, 2011 - 08:03.

On Thursday (15) The Organization of the UN Human Rights issued a report listing all the evidence to support the Syrian regime and accused of crimes against humanity, a document submitted to the International Criminal Court. The document has 12 pages and can be downloaded in PDF in Arabic, a summary in Turkish or Russian.

The document entitled "Leadership and Responsibility of Individuals for Crimes Against Humanity in Syria."The document is detailed and describes activities for the High and command staff who commanded the crimes against the Syrian people, and their routine practices.

To make up the document, HRW had the testimony of 60 soldiers deserted the army and the Syrian intelligence. HRW (Human Rights Watch) said that based on the testimony of dissidents, can build a report to present the real culprits within the scope of the various military and intelligence chains of Syria. The Observatory highlighted seven main Syrian provinces, where most crimes concentrated: Damascus, Homs and shield and Idlib, Tartous, Hama and Deir Al-Zour. HRW said that based on statements that were taken individually, can reach a size on the degree of state responsibility for the crimes committed against the police, reporting directly to the treatment of officers with the soldiers. The report also shows that the military command was given direct orders to the crimes carried out to date around the country for military and security forces, including the use of lethal force against demonstrators, random arrests, beatings and torture of prisoners under sentence reaching for heavy punishment to death of the soldier who refuses to follow orders, or even their families.

This can be a big step to confirm that there is more to doubt and question about the crimes committed by the Syrian regime, led by President Bashar Al-Assad, but from now on everything can stay the same as or similar document produced by HRW to denounce the crimes of George W. Bush in September, nothing happened until today. It is believed that Bush will compete in the presidential elections soon, why he has embarked on the path of "good work."

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