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A few days ago was told by "Saulo Valley Blog" about 22 thousand soldiers were imprisoned in the penitentiary of Palmyra were at risk of being executed. 3 days after the news of the arrests were being burned. Yesterday videos that prove the crime could be sent out of Syria. The images are strong and are only being presented to prove the crime.

By Saulo Valley-Rio de Janeiro, August 22, 2011 - 09:45. Actualization: 16h03

Cleaning is following its course in an increasingly violent and free. The world is muted and the permissive attitude of the Arab world. At the point of security forces that act on the internet to thank Brazil, China, Russia, India and South Africa for supporting the Assad regime.

Video: blatant security forces running biker named Raed, who was a journalist who worked for the Syrian news agency Homs (HNN).

Yesterday was informed by the National Human Rights Organization in Syria through which the entrepreneur BlogHumans Dr Eng Mahmoud Farzah which is one of the most important industrial Syrian was arrested without charges presented. Dr. Mahmaoud 60 old and is diabetic.

Video: While the Internet pro-Assad accused terrorists from placing snipers on rooftops, the images we have are these:

With the announcement of the entry of a special team of UN / UNRWA to assess the conditions of Palestinian camps in Syria, they were attacked by security forces pro-Assad last week, which caused the flight of some 7,000 refugees, officials government made a major reform in the locations of attacks in preparation for the arrival of the special committee.

Eyewitnesses said there was a work of gardening, planting flowers, cleaning the blood in the streets, collecting corpses. According to residents, the team was escorted by security forces is the only local team that prepared the "cleaning". But although the team insist on visiting the UNRWA camp of Al-Ramel, protesters said there were a lot of young people and teenagers trapped in the "Bin Yousef Nadaf School."

They say they have intimidated by soldiers and tanks around, passersby were randomly assigned to record interviews on the theme "peace" in the region.

Witnesses also told that while the team toured the sites prepared for your arrival, a campaign to break into houses was begun in "Qnaines, Seidawi Bustan, and the town of Salma where more than 20 Palestinian refugees were arrested."

Even with all the repression protesters still took to the streets in the regions of Sleibeh, Berqidar Seidawi and Bustan.

Video: This morning heavy fire continued in the neighborhood of Homs Rastan. In the video, the ammunition can be seen across the skies of the neighborhood as black protesters seeking ways to return to the streets in protests that are already at the home of six months.

Syrian Finance

For each U.S. dollar, 70 Syrian pounds are required. A devaluation that tends to get worse. Protesters have denounced the Syrian Pounds false spill in the country:

Escape currency

A team of hackers twitter Al-Assad in Damascus, said that about 27 million pounds were confiscated by a special government office. According to the source, the money was being sent out of the country in a public vehicle:

"Syria: الجهات المختصة في أمانة مركز الدبوسية تصادر نحو 27 مليون ليرة سورية معدة للتهريب في سيارة عامة"

The attacks by the Syrian government are not only against human life. He has destroyed entire towns and estates. The following video shows a number of cars completely destroyed after being crushed by army tanks. Before they just smashed motorcycles. Now cars have been constant targets since the beginning of last week.

Original Source in portuguese:

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