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Sorry, re-uploading temple in #wukan photo. Many went to burn... on Twitpic
On Tuesday many people went to
Temple Wukan lighting incense.
Courtesy: "7vr0d7"
The peaceful village of live day Wukan agitated. A heavy military blockade is forming. Even so, people need to talk and they need to be heard. Protests in the borough has a huge number of people to ask for the cancellation of the second installation of charcoal in Wukan.

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, December 20, 2011 - 10:14. (GMT-3)

The population of Wukan occupied the sub-prefecture and students boycotted classes for a day of protests.Residents say there are suspicions of fraud in research on employees who have acted illegally in selling land, and were being denounced by the population of Wukan. According to the rumor that runs in the village, people who have seen the papers that list employees accused, are not official and has the traditional red seal of the government.
The lands

Citing the Chinese site  "news.oeeee"  citing the party secretary in local government, Zheng Yanxiong as saying that the City will restore 404 acres of land in response to the demand of the population of Wukan.The source said the announcement was made based on the freezing of partnership contracts and land Toyota Cattle Co. The Secretary assured that the land be returned to those who had their properties sold illegally.

The "Oeee News" said that in the last 18 days (Sunday) there was a meeting between government officials and leaders of the popular movement Wukan. The meeting was opened and there were over 500 people on site, including residents and representatives of communities adjacent to paddy Wukan.
The Secretary cited the source as saying that the party is interested in "protecting the legitimate rights and interests" of the community.

Good news (good enough for a traditional communist regime), there are quite contradictory information published by other sources. According to the  ""  families of the protesters were being threatened by the regime "if the agitation continues."

On Monday, the coordination of the Movement Wukan popular this week said more protests are being held to demand the investigation of officials involved in corruption and return the body of the slain protester Xue Jimbo, who was in the custody of local police for three days. But the source says that local authorities have called the family Xue Jimbo to threaten them if they are determined to make a complaint. The threat would have been witnessed by a resident known for Zhang Wukan in yesterday (19).

According to the site, the police have claimed that Jimbo Xue's death was caused by a "cardiac arrest" but relatives claim the body confirmed the marks and injuries "from head to toe," they said.

New manifestations

Preparing paper-flower mourning pins for rally tomorrow outsi... on Twitpic
On Tuesday many people went to
Temple Wukan lighting incense.
Courtesy: "7vr0d7"
The demonstrations did not stop. The organization "November 19 Movement" is crafting paper flowers in the style of "origami" for the rally taking place this Tuesday. Also on Wednesday, a great mobilization will take place and the organization also has a membership of at least 6 to 7 thousand popular, said "".

State of siege in progress

  1. Isolation Military - The source said that "several thousands" of police are surrounding the entire city, and now adopted the strategy (Syria) to install stations conferences identity (the first step to the military blockade of a city is to allow Output of non-residents and only allow the entry of local residents. Then follows the insulation). The source cited an activist known as "Yu" which would have gone to Wukan with 10 other companions to give solidarity to the community, which would have been stopped at the checkpoints and escorted back home. According to "Yu" to  "" , Internet users are being kept in a sort of house arrest, having been forbidden to leave their homes.
  2. Intimidation and psychological terror - The "Rfa. Org" cited eyewitness "Zhang Wukan" as saying by telephone to the writing of the agency that police forces are preparing for an attack against the repressive armed rebel community. According to witnesses, people are starting to get scared. "Zhang" told "Rfa. Org" there is a high degree of strain because of the warnings of the authorities who are threatening people that if they give up their demands, the police will be ready to enter the village. This psychological pressure happens several times a day, said Zhang.
  3. Blocking media and communication - On the day yesterday was found the difficulty of conducting phone calls to some places, as well as Internet access. The residents said the "Rfa. Org" who are not finding the news in the Village of Wukan internet searches.
State Riots - Guangzhou

The Revolution Wukan virus seems to be taking over the district of Guangzhou. The activist "bleuté" said that the city of Haimen people occupied the city hall buildings, roads and bloqueraram students were notstudying. It seems that the demand for Guangzhou is independence. The activist "Bleu Tea" said the protestin the city of Haimen is armed and that there are two protesters dead and injured are police officers. The routes are blocked. He sent the link of the photo of a policeman wounded on Tuesday:  ""  and anenvironmental activist killed: "1do99hc020tj"

The activist "Aizhao" said today that there is a series of uprisings happening now in many regions, as inShanwei. He said there is "a rural uprising after another!" Citing the Chaoyang district in the city of Haimen, about 30,000 people came out to protest the "construction of a power plant in the region." Bleuté found that:

"The company Huaneng Power International Inc. is that it is investing in the construction of Huaneng Power Plant and the former president of the company is the current vice governor of Shanxi Li Xiaopeng, and that the current President Li Xiaolin is his sister, his father is the former Prime Minister Li"

12:28 - "wenyunchao" on his Twitter said that the population of Haimen had success with the announcement of "archiving" the project of building the plant, despite the deaths ...

Returning to "Aizhao" who said that in Hou District, Shantou in the village of at least 500 were popular in the streets protesting against the illegal expropriation of land, like the villages in Guangzhou Wukan and DaiMei Chengai the district. All complaining of corrupt schemes of sale of property.

Aizhao said Monday that "residents took to the streets of villages, Lufeng Dai Dong Village, Village LongKomura protests against corruption in land sales and so on."

Updating ...

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