Posted by : Middle East Daily Filho August 29, 2011

The military oppression of the Syrian people is becoming more violent. But how this glorious people decided to face this terrible and unique threat, there is no comparison.

This moment is simply magic. It is a landmark of the beginning of the end of
Al-Assad was the beginning and the beginning of democracy in the Arab world.

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 29, 2011 - 18:01.

Updated 19.00.

The lesson that spring Syria is leaving the world, is that like Qaddafi and Mubarak the use of military force against a people that is pressing for their rights and are covered by the law in all its fullness, only serves to delay the inevitable. A tool for revenge and bringing in thousands of times the gravity of the crimes committed in the heyday of political corruption.

In short, the list of penalties to be levied become a high price. Not to mention religion, there would be a better end to all the martyrs and their former leader if this path had been avoided?

No power granted to a human-being was made to last forever. Today, man no longer dominates the Garden of Eden. Does not control the nature or animals. Today man does not control the religious, does not control the riches nor glory, fame nor beauty.

There is unlimited power under heaven, nor the supreme authority on living being in the same plane. Only God is all powerful to the faithful and the infidels. For those who love and those who ignore it.

There is no throne eternal gift that can not be usurped. There's more longevity in political or military. But there will always be a people. Their demands will always be stronger than a monarchy or autocracy. How can a people be deprived of their dignity at the expense of a family? More powerful are the needs of a people than the glamor of a clan.

More will be sounding their cries for deliverance that all decrees signed against him.

This is the second episode of the liberation of slaves in the world. Every prison will be overthrown and the forces of destruction will be reversed. The world will burn and when it's over, be calm again.

Another statue of Al-Assad is overthrown (previously held by military force)
Guess which part of the stake was placed to push it down?

Is there finally peace for all who love freedom and fight. There will be a new world where no one will be slave political, commercial or religious. Concentrated all power will be shared with no one able to bring it together again.

Only by uniting the people, you can combine the power.

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