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A shedding of innocent blood that would be unnecessary if only it was not pleasant for those who still holds the power in their hands. Al-Assad is aware that none of his crimes now hidden will be hidden. Now the sands of time are finished completing the shekel.

Cortesy: "Kat"

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro - August 31, 2011 - 17:48.

Sources that can not be revealed for security reasons but that are within the Syrian security companies said they begin at the bottom, companies that provide the "Shabihhas" (uniformed security without possession of a deadly weapon) would have delayed payments for Al Assad has not traded on the values ​​passed deadlines. According to the source they would be discussing the possibility of a strike. That's right: "Strike."

The same source cited a distribution coordinator in Shabihas Latakya said that many of them have already left the service after being in the region without getting in various maturities.

The source revealed that each employee, from the beginning of the repression of demonstrations, receive daily SYR Syrian Pounds approximately 2000.00 (currently $ 42) but in more intense as the day Friday, some are encouraged to get better gains can SYR to 10,000.00 Syrian Pounds ($ 210) to intensify efforts against the demonstrators.

This confirms the strategy reported in the government document that was released here.

Sources now say that companies sponsoring the Shabihas stopped sending resources since last week. What is causing protests among employees. According to the source, the amounts distributed on Fridays are decreasing dramatically reaching the same 2000.00 ordinary day.

Divisions have marked the ranks of the army and navy and government.

Today it announced the resignation of Secretary General of the Government.

There is unconfirmed evidence of deep cracks in the political environment that controls the armed forces. One of the ministers of Defense and was quoted a director of security policy, and some managers of the branches as having abandoned their posts.

But since the transfer of command of the army to the mountains of Latakya is that there are violent clashes in the army. The same source said there were conflicts between the anti-terrorist unit and army leaders in a possible bid to control the east. Remembering that this information must be confirmed and more detailed with new names and descriptions.

Today another sad video emerged showing that all military dissidents are executed in the back, it is written in the "Primer of Oppression and Tyranny" written by Al-Assad and published here yesterday:

"There is no problem in killing some units and officers of the army, since it is useful to increase the animosity of the army to the protesters." The following scenes of blood and carnage:

Speaking of mortality in the region of Hula there for 3 days did not appear brutally wounded bodies with a variety of different calibers heavy shots. The latest victim appears to have died slowly while being targeted by heavy weapons in parts of the body non-lethal.

For the first time it was reported that a number of soldiers who had blocked a major avenue with a human wall to prevent the progression of the demonstration, started a contest to see who was shouting louder their songs. If they or the Angel of protesters who have ventured to challenge the heavily armed group:

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