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The strategy of the Syrian Government to present an attractive image of the country. A clear message and intentional when it displays daily in all official government sites, where the first reports, always beautiful and colorful pictures that refer to the child's world. A surreal reality.

Snapshot of the website "sana" in arabic version today.
By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, September 2, 2011 - 08:18 - Updated: 12:23.

The advertisement describes Syria as living a "climate of affection." A paradise very conducive for families especially for children.

This propaganda distributed strategically on the pages visited by the international press and representatives of various governments do not represent the same reality of the Syrian street:

Snapshot of the page in english version

Coincidentally I have just been added to Facebook by a member of the UN in his facebook page that only portrayed in photos, videos and testimony of child victims Syrian regime and its forces of genocide.

Wake up world, they are not sleeping ... courtesy:
Committee on the Rights of the Child United Nations.
with high-caliber shots in the eyes, cheeks blown out, severed limbs, heads, marks caused by torture to extract information specialists in times of war, and among so many horrible things, yet many, many and many dead children.

Have you read here what they do with children newly born premature? After cutting the power of besieged cities, they break the power generators at hospitals and only the first time that this cruel act was committed, 40 pre-mature babies died within 24 hours only in Hama. Two months ago this horrible routine has been going on ...

The advertisement says in between the lines: Here is paradise!
The page is in the Spanish version to date.
Note that this page above, the matter speaks of parks and gardens of Damascus as a happy, beautiful, fun "turned into places of reflection and joy for children."

You know how many innocent civilians have 
buried under those toys?

Atualization: 21:04 MASS GRAVE in HAMA

If you dare you can click this link and then clicking on the images to go to change one by one. A reality quite different from the image presented by the government Al-Assad. This article is being written for you to draw a parallel between what Al-Assad says and does when not in front of the camera lens.

This strategy is taught in the "Primer of Oppression and Tyranny" written by strategist and intellectual Bashar Al-Assad to direct the Secret Service and the Syrian security forces about their contact with the protesters and those who demand freedom and democracy in the country .

Original source in portuguese:

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