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Security forces arrived in the region of Homs / Rastan shooting in all directions for two hours. This caused a mass exodus of the region on alert for a possible military blockade of the city, which has ended up confirming earlier. Local witnesses heard the sound of two loud explosions in the neighborhood of Bayada Steen in the street near the cemetery This Alnasr. 

Attack of the security forces in the Mosque in Damascus. Recorded video of the roof reveals the violent crackdown on protesters and faithful in the temple, which in turn was completely destroyed:

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 29, 2011 - 07:15.

Also in Al-Rastan the arrival of a number of buses transporting tanks and guards brought more despair
the region. Sources said the tanks were diverted to the central souk where they are shooting at everything that moves and also the houses indiscriminately.

The security forces are making inroads in the home breaking doors and making arrests, looting and burglary also in trade. The mosques are already surrounded by security forces.

There are reports of rebellion and confrontation on the side of a violent shootout with army in consequence, but this last clear confirmation.

There are now installed snipers on the roofs of the Gymnasium, the main hospital and the national hospital. Also suspended in tanks of water.

But sources say the army is not progressing inland city. The entries are locked Rastan.

There is a local source of information that the wife of Professor Nader, public school Rastan was shot in the abdomen and was rushed to the hospital. Judging by the information of Sniper on the roof can you believe that soon will start killing all those who take their family to get medical help.


In the south of Damascus and the operation began at 06 am on Monday. About 10 vehicles carrying security guards took over the region. They reached shooting randomly with the help of tanks. Then the random attacks began the curfew followed by searches in the homes of activists. Quoting the website of English speakers to help the revolution of Syria said that the death of Uthman Husam Almutairi from his home during a raid by security forces. Although the source confirmed a number of injuries on site. According to the page, the security forces use a list containing names of political activists and human rights. Almutairi is the first victim of the security forces in the region of the continent. In Qudsaya at least 10 confirmed arrests. Inputs and outputs are prohibited. There are lots of checkpoints in Damascus as well as in Rastan.

Another fairly new event in Damascus is the number of defections from the ranks of the army:


Se a Tunísia serviu como referência para as revoluções populares que se seguiram, a Líbia tornou-se uma nova referência para os rebeldes no mundo árabe. Para o povo sírio, portar armas não será a solução. Mas eles vão se expondo timidamente para pedir o no-fly-zone. O povo está perdendo as forças enquanto a máquina síria de matar não pára de clamar por mais mortos. É o que está escrito neste vídeo, as pessoas estão pedindo ajuda militar internacional aos moldes da Líbia.

Yesterday protesters chanted in their protests by Dara: "Syria: We are with you until death."

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