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National Organization for Human Rights (NOHR-S)

We, in the organizations defending human rights in Syria, still receive with great indignation and condemnation, alarming news for the continued fall of the victims (between the dead and wounded) of civilians, and members of the police and the army, as a result of violent and excessive repression practiced by the Syrian authorities against peaceful protesters, in the various cities and towns Syria. During the past few days, the following names of victims have been known:
Dead victims
• Mrs. Ilham Bakdash - Ali Mahmoud Danorah - Sheikh Abdul Rahman Abdul Rahman - Ahmed Sophi - Ahmed Yousef Shuraiki - Riad Chaoui - Nada Hassan Al- Saad and Mohammed Raseem Al-Jisri.
•( Talal Sheikh (Soran
• Abdul Razak Audeh - Hatem Mohamed Aboud - Mamdouh Wael Suleiman Awad - Hatem Abdul Razzaq Abboud - - Maan Mahmoud Al-Sawah - Mamdouh Wael Awad Vaaouri - Ibrahim Al-Khatib Al Rifai - Abdul Samad Abdul Hai Abdul Wahid - Abdul Kareem Abdul-Ghani Siofi - Abdul Latif Abbas - Abdul-Jabbar Mohammed Abbas - Mahmoud Abdo Saad- Edeen.
Qalamoun – Damascus countryside:
• Hossam El Din Ali
• Mr. Mohamed Mustafa Ghazal - teacher of philosophy at the secondary school of Teftanaz about 47 year old) - Abdul Salam al-Khatib (Kafar Roma).)
Arbitrary arrests:
Furthermore, organizations defending human rights in Syria, is still receiving information that confirms the continuation of the Syrian authorities approach of adopting the path of arbitrary arrest outside the law and prosecute political activists, intellectuals, and some Syrian citizens, which constitutes a flagrant violation of fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the Syrian constitution, despite the announcement of the cancellation state of emergency. Widespread daily arrest is still practiced and from those who have been subjected to it is:
• Ahmed Qadri Alheijani - Amro Qadri Alheijani - Ammar Tanatrah - Ibrahim Awad - Omar Alsokhni - Azhar Abu Shakir, born 1968.
Al-Tal, Damascus:
• Ibrahim Idris – Ibrahim Al-Bouni - Ibrahim Al-Habashi - Ibrahim al-Khattab – Hazem Taleb- Haider chemo - Khallouf Obeid - Salem Al-Laham - Safwan Allazkani – Mohamed Afa Al-Rifai - Ibrahim Farhat - Muhammad Al-Ali Ali - Muhammad Salim Al-Laham - Mohammed Abdel-Raouf Salameh - Tariq Abdul-Raouf Salameh - Mutasim Redha Saleh - Mohamed Khaled Hamed.
Hmouria – Damascus countryside:
• Maher Abdo Rajab - Khalil Abdel-Hadi - Mohamed Saeed Abdel Jawad - Basem Abdul Jawad --- Ziad Ganafer - Salah Ganafer - Bashar Bashir Issa - Haitham Ali - Ahmed Hamza - - Mohamed Homos - Amjad Khader Lila - Mohammed Abdul Hadi Lila - Hussein Hassan Tohme - Mahmoud Dib Wanosa - Dr. Badr al-Din Haider - Haitham Abdel-Azim al-Khatib - Nazir Yasin - Abdul Ghani Mustafa Ayas - Mohamed Mufeed Tohme - Abdu Hosni Hamza - Mohamed Hassoun - Mohsen Ismail Al-Zein Ghazal - Ahmad Taj Ataya - Maher Ahmed Taj Ataya..
Ein Menin – Damascus countryside:
• Ezzat Dugha - Essam Zarzour - Sameh Haddaqi
Saqba Damascus Countryside:
• Saber Hamada- Riad Al-Kersh - Abdul Hakim Sardar - Mohsen Zein - Mohamed Zein - Emad Al-Kersh - Imad Amjad Sadek - Saeed Khawaja - Basil Hamed - Abdul Hadi Chakhtot - Mohamed Yassin Chakhtot - Emad El Sheikh - Rafat Abu Al-Zahab – Eyad Mazhar Khamis - Ramiz Musalam Khamis – Nader Musalam Khamis - Yasser Musalam Khamis - Firas Haron - Ghiath Abu Habra - Ziad Tatin - Mahmoud Radhi - Hossam Radhi - Ghassan Quwatli - Mohammed Saeed Al-Sin- Muhammad Rashid al-Hakim.
Katana - Damascus countryside:
• Khaled Bandaqji
Barzeh - Damascus countryside:
• Obeida Ghora - Fahad Bara - Fahad Hinnawi - Ibrahim Bara
Madaya - Damascus countryside:
• Ali Abd al-Jawad Jawad
• Ahmed Qasim - Omar Haj Khalaf - Adnan Khalid Moosa - Adnan Saleh Daher - Hassan Saleh Daher - Bassam Al-Ikesh- Hijazi Al-Ikesh - Mohammed Al-Ikesh - Azzam Mohammed Harmoush
Bosra Al-Sham – Deraa:
• Pharmacist, Haitham Majeed Al-Muqdad
Jassim - Deraa:
• Ahmed Saleh Al-Halaqi - Abdullah Al-Halaqi - Osama Al-Yateem - Ghalib Qwaider - Samer Bakri -Hindi Alzokani - Bassam Ahmed Al-Mahasneh - Mohamed Ismail Al-Halaqi - Mohammad Yousuf Askar - Suleiman Hamza Al-Halaqi - Muhammad Aladdin Al-Halaqi – Bilal Muhammad Al-Halaqi - Abdel-Qader Ali Al-Jilem, Radwan Mohamed Said Al-Jilem - Omar Omira - Firas Al Khatib - Imad Nasser
Mahajeh, Deraa:
• Khalil Moussa Al-Humeir- Qasim Hoshan - Muhammad Okla Hoshan - Fadel Kheirat Shabana - Awad Hoshan - Yamen Emad Al-Jildeh - Mohammed Tayseer Al-Jildeh - Hammoud Yasser - Falah Al-Humeir.
• Mayor of Kafr Napodeh,Jamal Al-Masri, - Dr. Ayman Hamada, Vice President of the Union of Arab Pharmacists - Hamza Rahwan - Dr. Kamal Al Ashkar - Dr. Mustafa Arob
• Aslan Manan
• Nabil Laila - Ali Hasaki - Adnan Al-Jundi - Bashar al-Hamouda - Ahmed Bayrakdar (Rahman mosque muezzin in Lattakia) - Rami Aliu - Abdul Rahman Al-Arnaout
• Abdel Hamid Ibrahim Gharibi, Muhannad Mohammed Dib Kharfan, Musab Zakaria Kharfan, Mahmoud Zarzour, Abdullah Mustafa Moussa, Safwan Sadiq Ghadiri, Rakan Subhi Badra, Mahmoud Ali Rahibeh, Nizar Sameh Sukheita, Yehia Sameh Sukheita , Mustafa Dibo Barbour, Ghaith Ameen Tracy, Muhammad Ali Baroudi, Muhammad Adnan Faham, , Mohamed Ahmed Shihan , Mohamed Ahmed Al-Naeb.
Ma'arrat Numan – Idlib:
• Juma Luhayeb, Fadi Mohammed Al-Mandeel, - Murad Taha Al-Nahas, Hisham Altaizari,
Ibrahim Bakir, - Mohamed Khaled Aldbibi - Raed Abdel Kader Aldbibi - Zuhair Ahmed Al-Kreidi, Ammar Mohammed Qitaz - Naif Absi Qitaz - Nasser Rabee - Maher Rabee - Khaled Abdul Rahman Alnaus - Sheriff Mohamed Qitaz - Mohamed Ali Shawaf - Abed Jaafar Achardob - Ahmed Mohamed Al-Asfar - Badran Deep Al-Asfar - Qusay Badran Al-Asfar - Mehdi Al-Asfar
Jabal Al-zawieh, Idlib:
Full Shafiq - Musab al-Rifai - Abdel-Wahab Praise - Mohammed Arif happiest - Mustafa Anis Goldfinch - Abdul Basit happiest - Nasser Bkour - Ibrahim Al-Tahir vegetables - Mohammad Absi Goldfinch - Abdul Samad Ahamdo - Mahmoud Ahmed Yousef - Ahmed Nadeem Yousu
Taftanaz, Idleb:
• Mustafa Mohammed Dib Ghazal - Abdul Majeed Rahal - Khalid Mustafa Chenbo - Nadim Shaban - Saher Ali Ghazal - Hassan Abdel-Kader - Ammar Hassan Mohammad – Mohammad Faiq Ghazal - Hazem Mohammed Ghazal - Bilal Mohammed Ghazal - Ahmed Mohammed Ghazal Mohamed Bashir Ghazal - Abdul Ghafoor Nimeh - Raed Ahmed Khatib - Moussa Hussein Khatib - Rami Ahmed Khatib - Hassan Mohamed Alokhan - Mohamed Shaaban Jafar - Yehia Kamel Khatib - Alaa Hassan Mohammad - Mohammad Abdullah Al Ghazal - Mustafa Ahmed Jaban - Omar Mohammed Ghazal - Hassan Ghoneim - Omar Mustafa Shoaib - Mustafa Abdullah Shuaib - Khaled Ali Shuaib - Suhaib Ahmed Ezz - Mohamed Ahmed Shaaban
Manbej - Aleppo Countryside:
• Lawyer, Jumaa Hammadi - pharmacist: Hussein Al-Hamam - Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim (Arabic language Certificate).)
Tal Rifaat, Aleppo:
• Mohammed Hussein Assaf – Anas Qadour
Jarablus, Aleppo:
• Mr. Shadi Jassim, a math teacher - Mohammed Jassim (Abu Talal), an owner of an internet café - Ahmad Al-Ahmad bin Hashim Al Eidan, a university student - Khalid Taher Al-Afan, a student.
Deir ez-Zor:
• Rawad Rashid Awad - Khalil Ibrahim Knama - Ahmed Faraj - Mohammed Tarif Haji Naima - Omar Al-Ghareeb - Hani Aekl - Basil Al-fattih
Abu Kamal:
• Azhar Abu Shakir, was born in 1968 and was arrested in Damascus, Saiedeh Zaynab, at an Internet café.
We, in the organizations defending human rights in Syria, as extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims - the dead, with good wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded, we condemn the continued cycle of violence in Syria, whatever the sources of this violence might be its forms or justification, which is a flagrant violation of the right of life.
We also condemn and strongly denounce the continued arbitrary arrest against the Syrian citizens and express our deep concern over their fate and some of them were named in the context of the statement, We also express our deep concern of the information to confirm the arrest of the wounded from the hospitals and their fate is still unknown, and the closure of some hospitals and offers some of the crew threatened.
We demand security services to stop the arbitrary arrests that take place outside the law and the use of severe torture on a large scale, which claimed the lives of many of the detainees, which constitutes a flagrant violation of fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Syrian Constitution of 1973 and Syria's obligations of international human rights.
We in the organizations defending human rights in Syria, declare our full support for the exercise of all Syrians right of assembly and peaceful protest and express their legitimate demands and see that these demands is right and just and on the Syrian government to move quickly to implement them.
We in the organizations defending human rights in Syria, continue to emphasize the continuity and legitimacy of the demands that we went out to the Syrian government, in order to assume its full responsibilities and work to:
1- An immediate end to the cycle of violence, murder and bloodshed in the Syrian streets, whatever the sources of this violence, its forms and justifications..
2- Make a decision, promptly and effectively, to restore the army to its bases, lift the siege on cities and towns and and activate the principle of neutrality of the army before the internal political differences, and his return to the barracks to perform its job of protecting the homeland and the people, and ensure the unity of the country.
3- Preventing the security forces from intervention in the lives of citizens through the end of the prosecution of citizens, intellectuals and activists, and allowing human rights organizations to operate effectively.
4- To form a judicial commission of inquiry, independent and impartial, fair and transparent, with the participation of representatives of organizations advocating for human rights in Syria, to disclose the emitters of violence and practitioners, and those responsible for the casualties (dead and injured), whether governmental or non-government, and bring them to justice .
5-Take the necessary measures to ensure the effective exercise of the right of peaceful assembly practice.
6- To put all places of detention and arrest of all security agencies under the direct supervision of the judicial scrutiny, and to investigate promptly in the complaints of torture practiced against the detainees and to allow the lawyers to contact their clients in all detention centers.
7- Closure of political arrests and to release all political prisoners and prisoners of opinion and conscience, and all were arrested because of their participation in peaceful gatherings conducted in different Syrian cities, unless he is charged with a recognizably criminal offense and brought to trial promptly and meet the criteria of a fair trial.
8- Immediate disclosure of the fate of missing persons.
9- To ensure basic rights and freedoms of human rights in Syria, through activation of a decree to cancel a state of emergency and martial law..
10- The immediate cessation of all practices of the attack on peaceful demonstrators and innocent citizens, committed by the so-called (the People's Committees), or (what is known Al-Shabeeha), given that the reaction of these elements, is outside the law which requires a referral to the judiciary and punishing them and in holding all their supporters and funders for their activities, as elements in the exercise of violence, and is illegal..
11- To stop practicing the oppressive and excessive use of force by the Syrian authorities which contributed to increasing deterioration in the situation and poor pension and deepen the crisis of community. That practices did not calm the atmosphere and work to find the right solutions with the participation of the Syrians to the different affiliations and persuasions, these solutions would be a real guarantees for the maintenance of the unity of the Syrian society and to ensure a secure democratic future for all its citizens equally, without any exception..
Damascus: 16 \ 8 \ 2011
Organization signed this statement:
• National Organization for Human Rights in Syria.
• Committees for the Defense of Democratic Liberties and Human Rights in Syria (l d h)
• Kurdish Organization for the Defense of Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria (DAD) ..
• Arab Organization for Human Rights in Syria.
• Kurdish Committee for Human Rights in Syria (ALRASED).
• Human Rights Organization in Syria - MAF.

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