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The origin of these weapons, and how they got in the country no one can say with clarity, but the population denounces such a large amount of weapons stored for "free" in Syria that seem to litter.

Through such oppression and killings, experts in anti-revolution
Iranian protesters plan to drive to arm themselves.
Photo courtesy of: "Kenny Holston 21"
By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 25, 2011 - 14:48.

"There is a new approach was based on an alliance between the Islamic forces in the Syrian opposition, especially the party of the Muslim Brotherhood and some opposition figures like Dr. Mohamed Rahal, and the Syrian regime and under the auspices of Turkey to transform Slmatha revolution and the introduction of large quantities of arms and armed revolution in one last attempt to abort the peaceful revolution Syria and cancel all his gains on the ground and in the political ... " Othman Abdul Kader

The people of Syria has pledged to hold a peaceful protest and he has sought to withstand the pressure the Syrian government declared a jihad conference about it. They move about the bullets designed by cannons and anti-aircraft guns, machine guns, hand grenades, rockets BDM / RPG and pistols. All of Russian and Iranian. They want to abandon the position that Assad does not matter when!

They are being killed "Volunteers" to protest the 41 years the family domain of Bashar Al-Assad.

The success of the revolution in Libya makes people want to pressure the Syrian people to accept the huge supply of weapons. But they show themselves true to their ideals. They want to beat the system without the use of firearms. LEGITIMACY is what these people want to guarantee to the end. No matter what my decision or the decision of America, or the decision of the Arab League or the rest of the world, they do not want to fight!

The only acceptable form, would be an armed revolution breaking free of the army. If someone has a proposal and a means of supporting the dissident army with financial and logistical resources, they will be very welcome. But nothing will make people react with fire. Its sole purpose is the reaction with their prayers and their voices are often silenced by snipers with shots of them running through the throat 7.62.
They are willing to be completely wiped out until Bashar Al-Assad is stripped of his throne of blood.

What is this? Suicide is a manifestation, Jihad and collection, where the only victims are themselves. There is the practice of terrorism. This is an activity long rejected by this people. Knowing the rules the way they know, they know that the only way to stop this continual shedding of human blood is a collective suicide!

But they are not killing, just marching in the direction of the shots! Who is killing is that Bashar Al-Assad has fun with his little game of target practice!

"We would not be surprised if in the near future some research concluded that the shooters were just millionaires who paid clients to practice hunted while Al-Assad would win an unimaginable amount of money."

This is a theory, but the bodies and analyzing the reports, no one can see that the killings in Syria are being practiced by those who take pleasure in them.

The silence of the Arab League with regard to the fear that their countries are facing the next mass revolutions, meanwhile are trying to adapt their constitutions to events. At the same time they fear a confrontation by China, Russia, Iran, Iraq and Venezuela. Everyone's hands.

The failures of past U.S. wars will mark the image of the United States for many years ahead. The lack of credibility in their wars deemed illegitimate, only tend to prevent any kind of acceptance in Arabic. Not really have much connection with the death of Bin Laden, since he was so loved and hated in the Middle East. The highest mark of the failure of American credibility is registered on Iraqi soil.

If you take a recording of his anti-Western and anti-American Hugo Chavez, Muammar Gaddafi, Bashar Al-Assad, Hosni Mubbarak, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Medvedev and others, we see that the lines are exactly the same. The only thing that changes is the sound of voices.

This makes them the fruits of medium, or is is because of these reasons are more acceptable in the international arena, giving them the right to continue killing, sponsoring or marketing for the mass death of people on the planet?

Speeches equal claim the legitimacy of their ideas, eh? Legitimacy is the courage of the people of Syria, who said that although the media were influenced by the revolution Tunisian, Egyptian or Libyan, they went their way in their own way. Based on what they believe and idealize. We who are part of this global community we have at least required to help avoid that because of a profound national grief, one man has the power to destroy them in order to continue maintaining the success of their illicit business.


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