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Syrian Revolution News Round-up
Day 161: Monday, 22 Aug 2011

Demonstrations have been increasing in Syria after Assad’s speech and Gadhafi’s fall. On top of that, the UN’s Humanitarian Mission visits have been contributing to larger crowds protesting at all visited areas. Yesterday, the residents of Moadamiya and Zabadani in the suburbs of Damascus came out to demonstrate against Bashar chanting demands for his execution, and talking to the UN Team about the horrors they’ve been subjected to by the security forces. They spoke out realizing that although they might be safe then as the regime would not shoot them in front of foreign parties, but they will surely be targeted and punished after the Team’s departure. That's exactly what happened.
In Homs, security forces cleared the area of Bab Sbaa of the marks of Assad’s war against the people in preparation of the Humanitarian Team’s visit, where roadblocks were shifted temporary, blood was scrubbed off the streets, and armored units were moved out of sight. The people came out and demonstrated at the entrance of the neighborhood against the regime asking for the execution of the President. They talked to the Team about the atrocities they’ve seen in the camp, and they’ve escorted them inside Bab Sbaa in spite of the regime’s forces trying to stop the Team and ordering it to leave the city. As soon as the Team left, the regime’s forces started attacking the residents again, killing three, of which one was a child. Consequently, reports have emerged of defections in town leading to violent clashes with the security forces and Assad militias. Heavy fire was also heard in Bab Amr, Khudur, and Karm Shami.
The scenario in Hama was not so different today, where demonstrators met the Humanitarian Team in Asi square with chants calling for the execution of the presidents. Of course, that was preceded by security forces clearing the square from the first of Ramadan military campaign’s traces and evidence. The regime did not retaliate against demonstrators when the Team left after talking to them about their horrible experiences, as there were reports of the American Ambassador to Syria planning to visit the city again.
In the meanwhile, dozens of tanks and armored personnel carriers have reportedly reached and surrounded the cities of Boukamal and Qouraya in Deir Azzour, and Kesweh in Damascus suburb, preparing to invade them. While house-to-house searches and arrests continued throughout the day in Jasem, Deir Bakht, Kafr Shams, and Kherbet Ghazaleh in Daraa; Jableh; Tal Rifaat in Aleppo subrubs; Kafr Aweid, Kafansra, and Kafrunbul in Jabl Zawyeh area in Idlib; and Latakia, which is still besieged with thousands of its civilian residents jailed at the sports complex.
Security forces in Raqqa arrested lawyers who demonstrated at their union. It is noted that union demonstrations sprouted in the past two months over most Syrian cities, such as Damascus, Aleppo, Raqqa, Sweida…etc, exhibiting a sign of Baath party losing its grip on its institutions since unions in Syria are associated with the Baath party and are not independent.
Currently, security forces and Assad militias are removing the roadblocks and hiding the armored units placed in Banyas four months ago, in preparation for the Humanitarian Team’s visit to the city; while the demonstrators are preparing to demonstrate with banners written in English calling for Assad to be executed. This latest move from the regime, allowing a foreign team to scrutinize it inside out, is evidence of the effectiveness of foreign pressure. That means the regime is getting less disconnected with reality and is planning a way to circumvent what it dug itself into. That would require it cutting loose ends, which means that many regime figures and allies in Syria need to start worrying about their safety. Nonetheless, the regime has attempted many times to circumvent reality and failed, as it is not equipped with the patience or acumen required to carry out such endeavors. Iran has recently realized the failure of the regime and its imminent doom and has replaced its Ambassador to Damascus.
International Reactions
Indian initiative on Syria might run into trouble‎ - Times of India
UN says Syria unrest killed 2,200 in protest crackdown - BBC
Top Videos
Wounded child after security forces shot at protesters
City Center: Snipers shoot protester in his head, P2

Revolution Statistics
Syrians killed: 2,634
Civilian casualties: 2,240
Army casualties: 394
Children killed: 161
Missing: 3,059
Protestors killed under torture: 72
Protestors currently incarcerated: Around 15,000
Syrian refugees since the revolution: +12,577
Refugees in Turkey: 10,227
Refugees in Lebanon: 2,300

Prepared by
Ausama Monajed and others
for more info, eyewitnesses or commentary
on events please contact:
Twitter: @Monajed

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