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Slight increase in the violence does not stop in Syria. If responsibility is not the president, then why these troops fight and kill in his name? Because tanks bring posters and signs with your picture? Becauseshouting his name and force people to kiss his image?

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, December 15, 2011 - 16:28.

Declaring himself "god," Bashar al-Assad sent his troops across the country, seeking to forcibly recruitworshipers and ensure its altar within Damascus. His army came out as a bunch of lunatics with no emotionto destroy thousands of lives, without intermission and without returning home for the past 10 months that are completed today. On March 15, 2011, the first students were arrested and beaten by the Syrian Secret Service, Kenya found the description "People want to overthrow the regime, Bashar's your turn!" the wall of aschool in the Shield. So Shabihas were sent to the school and vandalized on the descriptions they wrotephrases of worship to Bashar Al-Assad:

If al-Assad as president has no share of guilt, as a public figure should have the dignity to stop the massacrecarried out in its name. But instead, shut up and chased and declared war against all who opposed theactions of their soldiers. They alone performed all who say "no" to Al-Assad. Even the smaller, weaker and more docile children escaped. Teenagers innocent, helpless, a mere high school students, transformed into mortal enemies.

But they did not surrender. Do not bowed. Do not kiss the picture of the president and were cruellymassacred by the battalion of hell, the worst of creatures service when existentes.Até remain?

How much longer will the international authorities to grant the Syrian soldiers, who are acting on their own,continue killing? If the President does not order the attacks, who is supplying tanks, armored vehicles andbuy all the ammo wasted in homes? Why does not prevent an entire battalions to leave the streets to destroyentire cities, towns, villages and all the country's heritage, including pipelines, houses and shops, government buildings, crops, vehicles, motorcycles, ambulances and hospitals, even dispatching helpprevent or even neighboring Arab countries?

Video next: Free Shabihas arrested by the army in testimony about his crimes.
Instead of "Shabihas," police in the country should be fighting crime, but where are the police got there 10 months holds no villain in Syria? The "Shabihas" are a large tribe that supports al-Assad. They are devoid of character and are not specialized in security, just to let you "rent" to do any dirty work, like the refugee campinvasion of the Syrians in Hatay, which resulted in the rape of 400 women of all ages, leaving 250 monstersof them pregnant. If you sell for any money. Information by Syrian sources who said they each received on average 420 Syrian pounds per week for beating, torturing and killing people of his own neighborhood. OtherSyrian sources, said many employers were persecuted, imprisoned and even tortured by stopping thesending of "contributions" to the salaries of Shabihas and "Cbihh." We were told that some fled the country.

More high value of defeact today 15-12-2011

* Continue to support this work. Today we are denouncing the persecution of Arabs, tomorrow we could behere trying to save his life. Thank you.


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