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Divided and insecure, the Arab League showed that more needs to evolve in the search for his true identity. His fame as a silent and confused already preceded it, but nobody was sure. Now the Arab League is trailing clear that it is unable to comply with the proposal that came: "To defend the interests and lives of Arab civil society."

"The Arab League's killing us"
By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, December 17, 2011 - 20h20min.

The Arab League entered the Syrian crisis at the exact moment that the United Nations was ready for an air embargo. The draft resolution was in the European study and a similar package to the package of Libya was being prepared, in the style "Texan:" Break down the door into shooting and arrest the bad guys. "

Video: An unusual demonstration: Dissenters march through the fall of the regime in Deir Azour:

On the brink of a military intervention, the Arab League came to a peaceful proposal. This proposal, whichwas actually a proposal that "passive", the United Nations did stand, since the Arab initiative was more appropriate than a western initiative, because soften the hearts of the Arab countries that supportedAl-Assad and restrictions were France, Britain, Italy and North America.

    The UN backed down and the audience were watching the negotiations, I then ask:

  1. How can you expect a Muslim leader condemns killings in an Arab country?
  2. How can you expect him to understand the jihad as "crimes against humanity," if your religion tells you that the martyrs have special place in heaven and reincarnate even more refined and more holy?
  3. How can you expect a King, Prince, a Sheik or Sultan go to sacrifice to protect a revolution against their own regime and system of government?
In fact they are not guilty for not being able to assimilate this new information in a globalized world. The truthis that while traditional Arab governments are struggling to withstand the weather, the population of these countries live in many cities, towns and villages in sub-human conditions compared only with the medieval era.

Arab Spring

The strategy used by most schemes "overthrown" by the Arab spring, has been to leave an infrastructure of the old government, the new government to rebuild on the foundations of the old Arabic form of government.

This is happening in Egypt now: 17/12/2011

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Some Sign of Democracy? In fact, any country that wishes to have a democracy today, is expected to achieve on their own.

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