Posted by : Middle East Daily Filho December 13, 2011

The [Nana Sanja] Syrian political activist, called all the protesters to remain peaceful in "civil disobedience", calling all the Syrian people for the maintenance of the general strike as "the last resort for a peaceful revolution."

Homs - mercado da cidade de Homs uma greve geral em 12 2011 - Homs 13 - YouTube
 By Saulo Valley and Sanja Nana - Rio de Janeiro, December 13, 2011 - 18:05.

Sanja began a comment on his Facebook page about "fears of a civil war," warning of the Revolution's efforts to maintain the same initial purpose, despite the numerous changes that have occurred according to the unexpectedly violent and cruel reactions of Bashar Al-Assad.To face repression, a revenue Sanja is to use all these tools of civil disobedience that he listed:

    1 - stop paying taxes and bills
    2 - no longer deal with the assets of the State
    3 - sufficiency of goods necessary for life (reduce consumption to maximum)
    4 - County Cbihh companies (to avoid connection with these companies)
    5 - Avoid using a telephone stamens (telephone state and corrupt schemes)
    6 - should focus on providing non-farmers for their crops to the state. (Make your farm umproductive)
Sanja Nana continued .. "And for those who insist on the peaceful revolution and seek to protect it,everyone should be aware that the general strike, which paves the way for civil disobedience,is the last fortress to protect the peaceful uprising. "The activist said about the groups, tribes, villages, gangs who support the regime because they seek the easy way ...
    "The groups that are trying to kill him and destroy the power .... To make it easier to sabotage the country and kill all the elements of civil war and pave the road to sectarian war, and all strive for the success of the strike general. .. ....................... "

This message reinforces the Syrian people to remain in the effort of non-armed reaction by the high degree of disgrace that President Bashar al-Assad brought into the country.

    "......................... And seeks confirmation of the sides that feed open the road to sectarian war, they give up some of the names Homs and communities are forced to stay within the city so they can be bombed. Until they try too late by this procedure, in a hurry to drag the country into sectarian hatred (section Civil War), but we as a people, a Syrian with all its sects and cults, as I said ... And we say and repeat again and again, one by one and one is the Syrian people and is a conspiracy, the fall of disgrace and shame, which are planned the "energy bands" at home with Syria. .............................. "

Sanja Nana warned those who sold the system to "make money with the blood of the martyrs that all free people in Syria."Although accused of isolating the Aleppo revoluação Sanja said "Aleppo also boycotted products as a response to funders' Cbihh." The activist warned the companies that sponsor the salaries of the security forces, which do not maintain the general strike and later in the list of companies will be informed by Local Coordinators for the people do not buy their goods.

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