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On August 7 Hama was drowned in blood. An untold number of deaths for the situation. A falling gigantesto bombardment of the city. Anti-aircraft guns installed in the mountains surrounding the valley of Hama hatred and destruction rained upon the people of Syria. More than 60 tanks entered in Hama in the late morning throwing projectiles of different calibers at the same time. Thousands of people still in their homes felt the world crashing down on them with explosions and fires of hell coming from all sides.

The Facebook page that the Syrian people sought
gather One million signatures to call for help
King Abdullah has 110,878 members today ...
By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 17, 2011 - 16:42

In one week at least 450 people died. A resident who worked as a volunteer in the transport of bodies described it, saying that by the time he managed to stay in Hama, 350 people were killed and many were being buried in backyards and in public squares.

This scenario led to chaos and free will in the main authorities of the planet, and in particular the King
Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia. On national television. "The Custodian of the Two Towers," as his title as the main Muslim leader of his kingdom, he rose from his throne and poured words of exhortation to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad for his crimes against the Syrian people.

One of the first Iranian snipers seen in 09 of maio/11
The fact that has become history, because the King was seen rarely making public pronouncements, eventually becoming a routine. Twice subsequently King Abdullah had urged al-Assad, which in turn intensified the extermination of the population, expanding its alliances with Iran and Hezbollah publicly in secret. But while the leader of Hezbollah denies its involvement in the massacres, the Syrian people can recognize them in the middle of the security forces, since the month of May, as well as snipers from Iran. The fact was later confirmed by several dissident soldiers over to the side of the people.

This time the King wanted more than words. Continued ...

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