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A wave of massive popular protests and has exploded since March 15 in a demonstration of dissatisfaction and rejection of traditional autocratic regime of Al-Assad family. Aspiring to a democratic government and free to all nationalities and religions, the people of Syria followed these five months the biggest challenges facing a community could endure to get the long awaited democracy.

Demonstration held yesterday in Bern - Switzerland.

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 19, 2011 - 07:03. Update: 08:30.

In the Syrian people unquestionable legitimacy takes to the streets to demand the withdrawal of all foreign ambassadors of Syria and the expulsion of all Syrian ambassadors who work abroad.

In the last two weeks the ambassadors of various international powers were called back by their leaders. Consequently dozens of Syrian ambassadors were sent back. But the people of Syria wants more. They want everyone to be returned, without exception. On Friday, international events has been triggered in the vicinity of embassies that is still active in its diplomatic relations with Syria.


Video: Demonstration held yesterday in Bahrain.

An international rally in solidarity with the Syrian people have taken the streets of the world by the end of the final massacre of peaceful civilians who just demand their civil rights are already guaranteed by international conventions and laws. Conventions that Syria has no way to delete and that his government had pledged to obey. But the position of 41 years of dictatorship, the only thing that the Syrian people received was a heavy regimen of harsh rules that have always been secured by military forces and overuse of investigations by the Secret Service that removed all the minimum rights that a human could Tues

To learn more about the international agenda of peaceful demonstrations in favor of the Syrian people visit:

07:51 min 30 minutes ago prayer ended in most mosques. Now the faithful will follow in their ongoing demonstrations. There are lots of guards around everywhere. The security forces are occupying schools in large numbers as well. In several cities since the crackdown began.

In Latakya people are prohibited from going to the mosque. Only those over 55 years has this permission. According to reports the Free Women of the Syrian Army, the mosque is heavily surrounded.
They also reported that more than 100 cars and SUVs are in Daraa, more precisely now going toward the town of Hamza al-Khatib. They are preparing to invade the city of Giza.

"In the first few hours of the day on Friday there was a great movement of buses and vehicles and Cbihh intelligence. They are marching on the city shield following the road with Bosra Sham"

In Daraa was reported that a massive wave of arrests. Seizure and burning of cars and motorcycles. Houses are being broken into and values ​​such as money and jewelry are being confiscated.

One of the important historical: Anyone who follows this blog knows that on 15 March, 15 children were detained and tortured by the Syrian Secret Service as they wrote on a wall: "People want to overthrow the regime." The children studied all in the same school in Daraa. And because of these arrests in Syrian protests reached the point today. This is the school where it all began. Note: The security forces have virtually destroyed the building:

Original source in portuguese:

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