Posted by : Middle East Daily Filho August 15, 2011

In Latakya a new weapon of war was introduced to accelerate the extermination of the population: Navy boats equipped with cannons and machine guns and rocket launchers in order to decimate the population by the bombing. The people that since March protests against corruption, dictatorship and bloody thousands and thousands of civilian deaths since the beginning of the regime led by the cartel of the Assad family. 

Aerial view of part of Latakya before the March 15 protests
Courtesy: "kareem mayan"

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 15, 2011 - 06:53. Update: 08:27.

After a huge international pressure, even with the information that Obama would have given 15 day period for which military forces are gathered, there infomações Assad assured that the extermination of the population increased in all regions of rebels to kill the largest number of opposition until they get close within 15 days for a new attempt at diplomatic negotiations, Assad can slow down the international furor, gathering so, its troops and tanks that have tripled in recent days:

Video: Latakya yesterday: Protesters shout "Allah Haifa" each time a new demonstrator is killed. Pay attention to audio to the end of the video.

AFP on Monday that announced yesterday in about 26 protesters died in Latakya.

Video: After the security forces attack the mosque "Alsrjaoa" in Hama, which resulted in the deaths of many faithful, the intense bombardment kept the bodies were buried in the cemetery. For this reason it has become routine, several bodies were buried in the public square. But security forces returned to the site and unearthed many of them and destroyed all the tributes made by his family. There's no blood in the video glasses.


Infiltrated Syrian intelligence sources said that about 22,000 Syrian soldiers and officers are missing. According to the source, this is the number of those who refused to shoot civilians, and there is credible information that are being held in the prison of Palmyra.

"The sources also reported that the use of ships has been necessary due to lack of parts for the repair of many tanks." Apparently, Assad left the country completely destroyed, will leave without an army to protect the territory.

The AFP said earlier that the Syrian government to deny the use of warships against the city of Latakya. Also several journalists and activists in contact with the region, informed the indiscriminate slaughter of Palestinian refugees in Syria, which has been confirmed by AFP on Monday.

"There is a theory that a group of neighbors are planning to distribute it among themselves Syrian, after the fall of Assad. This assumption came by a Russian news site called" Pravda "who said that Arabs are TVs showing photos in a few moments with maps of the Middle East without marking the Syrian border. According to the site, they dream of building a completely Islamic Middle East. "

Original Source in portuguese:

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