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In Lattakia, in the South Sand burned bodies of three protesters in the public square (Square of Freedom) at the time that the population sought to organize a new march to protest against the regime. The action was intended to serve as an example and intimidate the demonstrators. 

Confirmed by the mark of 35 residents killed in Homs and Latakya this Tuesday the 16th. And the day began with a serious assault on the Palestinian camps. Doors being broken into and refugees looking for intelligence with a list of names. 

This young man died for bringing water to your friend - This image impressed
quite the Syrian people on Tuesday. 11/08/16 
By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 17, 2011 - 05:56. 
Update: 8:42 a.m. (EST) 

A murder with no apparent purpose, 
if not racial or political grounds. 

The world wants to know: Where do you plan to arrive Al-Assad? A popular has been the ordinary practice of "shot-to-target." The macabre joke has been practiced by snipers and no armed soldier of the regime. They are simply killing that somo one was entertaining. Something to pass the time. Unscrupulous they torture, maim, and terrorize and revel in the suffering of defenseless civilians. This cowardice is only explained in the context of obedience. They are there only following orders. (Apparently no one is killed in the video)

There is no purpose in particular. Killing without limit. Carte blanche. No exception for victims. If a demonstration or inside the house, driving a car or going to market ... From newborns to the elderly and people with physical or mental disability, have been victims of torture, and execute mutilation by knives or guns.

They celebrate the atrocities and make their own demonstrations affront to popular demands.

In this video below, a group of popular attempts to rescue the bodies of a couple passing along a street in Homs with his truck, and were executed by snipers. Young people want to return them to their families, but the shooters are on duty, making this risky mission for everyone. (Displays bodies away without showing blood and human parts)

This has been another routine in Syria since the protests began. Because people can not take back its martyrs? Because they are a symbol of determination and desire to see Syria and free of any oppressive government, and because in their wakes are held more protests during the procession to the cemetery. With the sole and exclusive purpose of humiliating the people of Syria, many bodies of protesters have decayed asphalt in the country and there are cases where their bodies are thrown in the trash.

URGENT: 08:42: The Syrian government's new strategy is to recover the victims' bodies and put them in military uniforms to expose the population to the international community for armed attacks. The information  has come for Syria Revolution.

All forms that the "Syrian Intelligence" can find demoralizing, to suppress the will of the people to be free, they will do. Now with full compliance by Iran, Hezbollah goes out of the woodwork and Venezuela and Iraq helping in secret.

"This Sunday (14), heavy fighting reported by residents along the southern border of Libya. According to witnesses, who are residents of the Tunisian side was a Venezuelan airplane in airport jeba and strong suspicions that Gaddafi is leaving the country. .. " Tuesday (two days later) the Government of Syria has confessed to losing control over the rebels.
Venezuela and Iran are supporting all the enemies of the United States. Iraq does not support Syria if the current prime minister was not in power thanks to the support of Assad for 2 years.

Two days ago we in the "International Journalism in the Arab Revolution" had published that 22,000 soldiers are imprisoned for rebellion. But today I have to present a different news: Since yesterday the military detainees are being executed for desertion. Those who refused to kill civilians, are being eliminated in the prisons. As well as protesters held for days, weeks and months. All prisoners risk being run I had alerted on 03 August.

Flagrante: Looters in action 

Meanwhile governments around the world believe that Assad can leave without resources. The funds have been sent by his allies. The financial aid comes through the banks. The strategy is simple: An account opened on behalf of the Government of the Syrian ally and the transfer takes place. The service is done in the country benefited. If the Syrian fall into complete bankruptcy, it will pay its debt with its state enterprises. What's difficult about that?

We are engaged in this campaign calling for an end to the massacres in Syria that has the unfortunate proposal to become the largest massacre of civilians in human history. Prisoners are an asset to Assad. When he decides to run all at one time. Meanwhile we are here as spectators and governments only speak in such a diplomacy that Assad despises and mocks. 

I can not understand what the governments around the world call "intelligence." Because it never works in these hours? Where are the "intelligence" that does not infiltrate and do not execute the commands of annihilation? 

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