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The history of failure in the relationship between your president and the people is not new. In 41 years in power the Assad family, no good memory has sprung from older people's mouths. Nothing but oppression, blood and death. Designed to keep the country subjugated to their interests would be protected to the extreme, the Assads have created a family order of assassins and bloody predators. The abuse of military power against the people has never been different than it is now. The unique feature is the way that the Syrian people are getting this behavior now.

Snapshot of the animation that tells the sad story of Syria.

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 16, 2011 - 14:50. Update - 15:49 min

But the time change, when people see their limits and sometimes thousands of wounded pride and run over by military forces that have always been neighbors from their homes and their borders.

The site "fbm-jo" tells the remarkable story of the Syrian people represented by a Syrian family who lived in Latakya until a few days ago. He tries to illustrate how much honor and pride really matter to the people of Syria. The site has four sisters who were raped while security forces recently.

Clouds of destruction and death in Latakya August 16, 2011

This brutal attack has opened a gulf between the lives of these sisters and their respective futures.
Humiliated and ashamed, they called for the murder. In Syria, battered women can never marry, and the humiliation that carry forever. Two weeks ago I published an article containing statements CCLSy (Local Coordinating Committee of Syria) that in its report said that Assad would be crazy not to allow an attack on the honor of Syrian women, because the thing would change drastically.

In the statement there was a comment like this: "Thank God there are no reports of rape until now, because Assad would not be crazy to try this approach. He knows that this is the most sensitive issue for the people of Syria."

Well, it happened. The large number of Iranian mercenaries and militants of Hezbollah, is the explanation for not taking into account the fasting month of Ramadan, as well as the values ​​of the Syrian people. Just as children, as is the case of the small Yasser Jblaoa who died in the attack on Latakya while his family was virtually wiped out by security forces.

Assad has systematically attacked all symbols and all that it represents the honor and glory of this heroic people. Even the mosques and towers have escaped their opponents. Even when they are on their knees praying in the temple can get a taste of freedom, because the army has invaded the mosque and attacked the faithful with electric batons, batons and live ammunition when they have not finalized their cries to God for help.

15:49 min Video uploaded for 10 minutes, was recorded in Hama today.

Stories that can not be reversed and the desire and need to see an end to this tragic moral rape. Until when? How long the people of Syria will live under the rubble of this system of corruption and penance? Some people prefer the Westernization of Syria to continue living, or rather dying every day, at the hands of cruel beings who claim to be similar or larger than the Almighty God.

Watch this video and understand the history of the people of Syria told by themselves.

It's easy to make comparisons between the lifestyles of the Western lifestyle and the Arab majority. Europe is full of Arabs and they have not been blessed by living in a modern world and full of technology. The deprivation that people have suffered no excuse in religion, but has more connection with the corruption that highlights the teachings of the holy books (both the Quran and the Bible) so that the yoke gets so heavy that the people can not get up. While people live in complete destitution, political leaders squander their lust and status of billiards billiards and divert public money for their personal accounts abroad.

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