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"Very reliable information from sources who said Syrian witnesses in Oman, Saudi Arabia and Syria columns of tanks in Saudi Arabia have moved from Saudi Arabia to the border of Jordan and Syria."

By Saulo Valley and sources - Rio de Janeiro, August 17, 2011 - 13:43.
Update: 14:15.

Many believe that this operation has been extended against the massacre of civilians in Syria. The sources also confirmed the existence of minefields in the newly installed exchange between Syria and Jordan, like Israel, which quoted Syrian sources as installing landmines on the boundaries with Syria.

King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz
Cortesy: "Ammar Abd Rabbo "
King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz took a firm stance against the Syrian regime and according to the website "Asharq-and" the monarch decided to publicly by the people of Syria and the site talks about his change of stance with Syria after years of emphasizing their insults and abuse.

The site still remember the many times that King Abdullah decided to welcome President Bashar al-Assad when even so, he acted and spoke against Saudi Arabia. The list of actions is large, foul crimes. It is practically the history of Al-Assad government.

International analysts point out that the Arab world is unaware of the events showed up that King Abdullah took the decision to be late, but progressed more in compensation that the European Union, America and Turkey together. The course of this progression on the initiative of Saudi Arabia can meet the voluntary enlistment of Iran in the massacre of innocent and unarmed civilians. On the other hand, the world may be about to witness a war that may involve the entire Arab world.

The case of Iran to help Syria is that Syria is an ally and brother in the faith. According to Iran "to help Syria is a religious issue." Since the justification of Saudi Arabia is that "the Muslim community is suffering from the indiscriminate slaughter of his people, which is also part of the Arab world and to help protect the people of Syria, will be helping to protect mankind."

The site "freerepublic" gives another view of the hatred that Saudi Arabia has against the terrorist group Hezbollah accused by King Abdullah that cause crises in several Arab countries.
according to the writer of the article "Bruce Riedel," which has a long history of experience in wars, in short his insightful comment on the Saudi reaction, "this is the moment of Saudi Arabia to take revenge for all the problems he endured with Al-Assad , Iran and Hezbollah. "

The great news is that most of the Syrian people who had contact, showed no rejection of the Arab intervention. But they preferred not to topple Assad's voice and the deaths, but if you depend on Assad to intervene and no country, there was not even a voice to protest.

14:49 The news was confirmed recently by Syrian rebel site: "sooryoon"

Waiting for updates .....

Original source in portuguese:

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