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Strategic studies of the actions of al-Assad made by intellectuals of the revolution have shown that current activities in Latakya are based on scanning the city that is majority Sunni. The example of Aleppo, Assad has been replacing the leadership of local governments and expelling the Palestinians and Syrians.

After the Navy, the Air Force signs in Horan. Video below:

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 16, 2011 - 06:34.
Update: 08:18.

Another source reports that near the border with Iraq, local tribal youth joined the army reacted with the free and awesome bombing Syria, Syrian troops leaving 14 guards and 7 "Cbihh" of the security forces dead.

According to the Syrian Revolution, the increased pressure and the degree of violence by the regime on the Syrian people is caused by the fact that the regime has sought to provoke an armed reaction from the people. The rebel leaders are making a great effort together so that there is no reaction even armed, despite having been sometimes noted.

Therefore it is believed that on Friday, the protests should be called: "Friday (the patient must receive the victory). This suggestion should be further confirmed. But it is a strong candidate for the moment.

The Revolution believe in the second half of Ramadan, the regime has fallen. She sees the increase of violence as a positive factor that reveals the desperation of Assad. While the system is literally empty of resources, the protesters will wait patiently for your order.

Video: The arrival of large numbers of army troops in Horan (this Monday-16) and 5 fighters fly over the region. A frightening sign of a campaign of ethnic cleansing that tends to gain the status of being the deadliest in the history and massive.

It has been confirmed by the Revolution that Iran took his public stand in support of the Syrian government. According to a report published on Friday last, Iran declared that "Syria is helping a religious obligation." A new report has confirmed today that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah have joined forces to confront the army and run the large number of soldiers who have rebelled against the regime.

The report says that witnesses living in the fourth year confirmed they had heard a huge explosion inside the air base of the Air Intelligence Mezze Jamil Hassan who is in the mountains of Moadamieh and is led by Maher Assad, brother of the president. Witnesses said they heard an intense and heavy shooting in the area of ​​the crash and they believed was a new division of the ranks of the local army.

It is suspected also a major rift in the Ba'ath Party. According to Syrian scholars and activists, the reason for Syria to seek help from Iran to Iraq and and due to the fact that there is more confidence that the army and the party will stand firm until the end of racial extermination in the country. The source also mentions that these days it happened that a serious split in the 5th Army Division Fourth Year.

09:49 At least 20 tanks recently rebelled in Latakya and have sided with the demonstrators.

All this agitation gained even more momentum as a result of the 15-day ultimatum for the withdrawal of Syrian military from the streets made by Barack Obama to the Syrian regime. It is now that Iran wants to realize his biggest dream, which is confronting the United States, he took the opportunity to officially enter the battle pro-slaughter.

Strategic Analysis

Scholars believe that Assad still has a great plan to stay in power, which will climax in Latakya become an independent state under his rule.

Still talking about the latest developments in Latakya, the UN warned that some 10,000 Lebanese refugees in Syria disappeared from the camp. Revealing its deepest concern over the fate of all these people. According to the news last Friday the 12th, the Syrian army sought to escape the view of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, who visited the country, leaving the central area of ​​Homs and heading for the nearest fonteira, attacking villages near the border with Iraq. As a result Lebanese camp was on its way, as was reported on Sunday that a number of Lebanese refugees were helping the army to fight against the Free Syrian regime.

Dissident soldiers confirm that Assad's forces are making a real cleaning Latakya for the arrival of the Human Rights Commission, which is being awaited to ascertain the situation of Lebanese refugees who were attacked, as reported above. According to sources, the electricity was restored and the bodies are being removed from the streets. The main road is taking care, getting a new makeup.

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